chinese box!!!!

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8 years ago#1

do you make it? please help me if you did that, because i dont understand how to manage this situation,okk i listened ned's advice, i translate all the chinese symbols, but in the end nothing happened.

help help!!

8 years ago#2
ok on the pictures on the box in the corner will be a number translate the number.
wood(the tree) is first, mountain is second,fire is third, and water is fourth.
now translate water tree fire and mountain and flip the box so its at the top were all the buttons are in press in this order: wood(tree), mountain, fire, water.
well I hope this helped message again if it didnt
Open sky but couldn't fly so sadly what am i?
8 years ago#3

thanks a lot!!!!!!! it worked!!!! :)

thanks again!

8 years ago#4
:) your welcome
Open sky but couldn't fly so sadly what am i?
8 years ago#5
can you leave an Yahoo messenger id to talk more about the game?'cause i saw that you really know how to play Nancy Drew :) . if you want, please write me a private message. thanks!

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