Why is it everytime I play Persona 4 I think of three songs?

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To Jet:

I have a PS3, if you have a USB Keyboard you can plug it in and type with that.
or if you have a Ps/2 KB you can get a Ps/2-USB adapter for it.

*Power Charges*
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From: zldafnatic | Posted: 2/3/2009 3:47:01 PM | #420
Well,, my town is a somewhat rural town that doesn't have a lot of people who share my interests...

Ah, that's true.

From: lostweat | Posted: 2/3/2009 3:47:47 PM | #423
So you guys ever play this game influenced...?

Uh, no.

From: Dojima_Nanako | Posted: 2/3/2009 3:49:30 PM | #427
If you ever find yourself popular enough and teased enough that Sici recommends you to reverse trap... ehh...

Go with the flow?
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Your call leader!
Legna! .....Aw he cont hier may!
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My parents had me on accident.
They divorced when I was 2 n my sis was 4.
My mother spent the next some years fumbling through men just to take care of us
They were all a-holes..
Finally stayed with one 2001-Present
He's ok I guess.
Sister started doing drugs and blah blah left house at 18 yrs dropped out moved to idc.
Half my family died.
Parents pressure me into everything.
I'm pretty sure I'm mentally scarred.
PS3 typing is hard there's lots more to the story but I don't feel like it anymore. So if you have more questions personal or not shoot.

...I guess I qualify as the woobie.

Well, my antisocial behavior doesn't compare to that.

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*Begins the AOA* You guys figure the damage.
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I like cats and kittens and I have a siberian husky. My cat Vibrates when it's happy. Sometimes I get Purple cabbage and boil it to make some purple drank.
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From: JetDETH | Posted: 2/3/2009 3:50:28 PM | #428

Phew. I yield.
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Dear Diary,

The Internet has gotten way weird since I started posting on the Gamefaqs Persona 4 boards... It reminds me of the insults I got from the Sonic the Hedgehog and Final Fantasy VII boards. This is a fun board though, and I can't wait to keep trying to bug Adachi! XD I wish Minato was still alive in the Persona series. He was the most awesome looking dude in the world! So, I bid you a farewell diary and so long!


I don't know why I posted that... I think of random Evanescence and Linkin Park songs when I play and think of Persona 3 and 4!
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It is fun to see ppl around... Sici will yell at me if I stay up... So good night.
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