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Does Kanji's shadow really spam that hit-all attack every other turn? (Archived)Ball Gag78/1/2008
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Don't quite get some parts of the plot (spoilers for the very end and P3) (Archived)Chrono Helix108/1/2008
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Is it possible to do 9999+ damage in p3 (since I know it's possible in this)... (Archived)
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would you suggest this game to someone who never played a persona game? (Archived)Iceman291197/31/2008
How much control do you have over the characters other than the MC? (Archived)ciaossu77/31/2008
in persona 5 they should give you the option to date men (Archived)
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Where can I buy treasure chest keys (Archived)lordsesshomaru827/31/2008
About Shadow Personae... *spoilers* (Archived)Subtractions47/31/2008
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good place to grind late game ( spoilers ) (Archived)
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Persona 4 Character Portraits (Archived)
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Creating the Ultimate Evasion MC (Archived)Fitali4417/31/2008
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Philemon and Nyarly: Any hint at them returning? (Archived)
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