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How does it compare to Persona 3? (Archived)
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Is there a link for all the answer for the social link ? (spoilers.......maybe) (Archived)VMRecca37/26/2008
question for anyone who have the game (Archived)steven324277/26/2008
need help please ! a lot of questions.....contain SPOILER (Archived)Tuiop247/26/2008
Persona 4 Character Portraits? (Archived)-Sunao-37/26/2008
Questions P4...If you can try not to tell major spoilers. (Archived)Akihiko_z87/26/2008
Is it easier to max all commus this time around? (Archived)
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Are the shadows the enemies again? (Archived)cheatermaster27/26/2008
small questions??? (Archived)tsumi_sin87/25/2008
How come we have to fight our friend shadow? (Archived)shinichi199327/25/2008
Hey gaming pals, I need help starting the Tower S. Link. (Archived)SirKaiDoumeki67/25/2008
I just bought Naoto's hat. (Archived)
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So what's the deal with physical attacks in this game? (Archived)
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Can anyone plsss translate the config option? (Archived)shinichi199337/25/2008
Secret Boss Battle, YouTube Link *SPOILERS* (Archived)otakufreak907107/25/2008
How tough was the final boss? *spoilers* (Archived)cheatermaster77/25/2008
Weapon Fusion (Archived)Rasshiu37/25/2008
Do you get anything for maxing all S.Links? (Archived)RE4_4_GC_isbest47/25/2008
Naoto Shirogane help!? (Archived)MaxV337/25/2008
What's the best way to level up to lvl 93? (Archived)MonkeyDLuffy47/25/2008