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Atlus is full of French experts. Did they know what the name 'Chie' sounds like? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
slk_23113/22 2:51AM
yen cap? (Archived)Werewolf by Night53/21 5:51PM
About the different endings (pls no spoilers) (Archived)666Kefka66643/20 6:27AM
2 Questions about social links and love relationships (Archived)666Kefka66653/20 4:35AM
persona 4 ps2 classic (Archived)OcarinaEra13/19 2:05AM
Minotaur IV in Heaven (Archived)The Orange Cow43/18 7:13PM
This game is beyond hard. (Archived)luigi33103/18 4:09PM
How would you like the romantic couplings go? (Archived)noble banana73/13 10:57AM
This game is so great at creating atmosphere (Spoilers) (Archived)Watereol33/12 11:54PM
ps2 classic (Archived)yumikayamashita33/12 7:41PM
persona collecting and fusions, need to keep getting them from shuffles? (Archived)kasplat36023/11 9:24AM
Multiple crit and party weakness. (Archived)ysauve7243/10 1:09AM
Good freaking game (Archived)qoOcOop73/9 11:32PM
Is there an easier way to explore these dungeons? (Archived)vintagelego43/9 4:57AM
Almost too sad to continue (Archived)razyjean83/7 2:06AM
Dumb question about boss shadows... (Spoil Lv: Major) (Archived)prinnyXdood63/6 7:27AM
Am I able to use the same party throughout the whole game? (Archived)The Orange Cow43/4 12:09AM
Action replays (Archived)byronbarquero53/2 8:22PM
how do you deal with those ****ing wondrous magus groups? (Archived)xDarknezzx43/1 7:44PM
Most important ? Building Social Link or Clearing Dungeon ? (Archived)ysauve72102/28 11:48AM
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