Historic rosters

#1psmith4630Posted 1/9/2011 2:21:40 PM
I read on the internet about EA Sports getting sued by former NFL players for using their likenesses and names without permission in Madden 2009. So thinking this was the last Madden game to include "historic teams" I went to Gamestop and purchased it today. Then I find out that 09 doesn't have historic teams. No big deal, I'll just exchange it tomorrow for 08 which I know has historic teams, but one question: What happened? How did players sue over Madden 09 using their names/likenesses and then it has no historic teams? Did they recall all the copies of 09 they could and re-release it without the historic teams? If I understood the story right, EA was getting sued over 09 when 11 was being released so a recall wouldn't be possible. Am I missing something?