R.Gannon and E.James on the Raiders

#1ApoIIoPosted 7/6/2009 8:33:41 PM
I am sorry if this is a noob mistake, but I was playing tonight (just started playing it again to pass the time) when I thought it would be fun to remake the snow bowl. I set it up Patriots vs Raiders at Gillette in the snow at night. When I started playing, I noticed the raiders QB was #12. This can't be right, I thought. I paused and checked his stats, and his name was R.Gannon. I shrugged, figured maybe I had made him and put him in the game, and kept playing. Gannon then handed off to #32, an E.James, for a short run. At this point I quit the game and went to go fix my raiders roster. There was no R.Gannon or E.James on their roster. Neither had a picture when I looked at them in game, but the real Edge on the cards does have his picture. I have not been able to find Gannon anywhere, though. I checked what players I could delete, and he was not an option. He isn't on any team, and he is not a free agent. I tried playing with the old raiders teams, specifically the all-raiders and raiders 02 teams, but those QBs were not #12 nor did they have names.

...Where the hell did Rich Gannon come from, and where the hell did he go?