Anyone need any help?

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5 years ago#1
I've played this game SO MANY TIMES so I dont mind helping anyone who's having trouble. SO ASK AWAY!!!
5 years ago#2
Nothing!? Nothing at all!? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *cries in a corner*
5 years ago#3
Who has higher ATK, Flay or Nikki?
This guy is not what he pretends to be. He's the Devil.
5 years ago#4
Whe Flay and Nikkis Growth Books are at 100% and Flay has Deus ex Machina and Nikki has Thors Hammer, Flay has an ATK of 467 and Nikki has an ATK of 458. So, Flay has a higher ATK; by 9 points. That work for you?
5 years ago#5
Nah, it was kind of a trick question. Nikki's natural ATK is actually higher, Flay's weapon's is higher to the point it actually pushes his above. Actually means Nikki gets more from +ATK traits on equipment tho.
This guy is not what he pretends to be. He's the Devil.
5 years ago#6
Oh yeah Nikkis ATK is higher than Flays without factoring in weapon ATK but I thought you meant WITH weapons. GAHHHHHH!!!! I FAILED TO SPOT THE TRICK!!! MY HONOR...GONE!!! I MUST PERFORM SEPPUKU!!!!!!
5 years ago#7
Anyone need any help? I will spot the tricks this time!!! *looks left and right*
5 years ago#8
What's Nikki saying during her Koalaria Screw attack in the English voice? Seriously, I can't figure it out, and I made a list of every attack in the game and what all the quotes are but had to leave part of that one blank.
This guy is not what he pretends to be. He's the Devil.
5 years ago#9
i have a question that you can feel free to avoid.
I prefer a specific genre of game and was wondering about this one.
Im a freak for romance style games and was wondering if this had any? :o
even if it doesnt I might get it, seems like a tactical game, which are my favorites.
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5 years ago#10
Romance style, as in a dating-sim type of thing? Or as in romantic plot/storylines?

Either way, this game doesn't have much of either. Character Quests could be called sim-ish, I suppose, but rarely are you making any real choices there. They're also generally more of hijinks and such, which is not to say there is zero (at lest potential) romance in the game, it's just not a main theme at all.

I wouldn't call it a tactics game either. There is strategy to battles, to be sure, buy it's not like FFT or Disgaea or something, it's just turn-based with a fairly interesting system.

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