How do you open the cage door?

#1thunderl1psPosted 11/15/2008 12:47:18 PM
#2ArmydilloPosted 11/15/2008 12:49:59 PM
grapple your opponent in the corner by the door with the option to use the door on
#3thunderl1ps(Topic Creator)Posted 11/15/2008 12:50:54 PM
#4MBXfilmsPosted 11/15/2008 1:04:17 PM
It can be any move, as long as it's near the door?
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#5MBXfilmsPosted 11/15/2008 3:30:28 PM
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#6ArmydilloPosted 11/15/2008 3:50:58 PM
it has to be a turnbuckle grapple, any direction is fine. You do a superplex and then participate in some cheesy minigame where you crawl to the door at a snails pace
#7MBXfilmsPosted 11/15/2008 3:53:04 PM
Aw crap. Well, the crawlin is better than what cage matches in games use to be. They need to make a great cage match next time with lots of interaction like they did tag team this time.
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#8thunderl1ps(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2008 3:43:59 PM
I'll second that... can you even jump off the top of the cage in this game? wasn't that feature available years ago?
#9bubba48145Posted 11/18/2008 1:20:52 PM
I'm pretty sure you can, but only if you have the cage match ability. don't quote me on that though, not 100% sure
#10KeithRob93Posted 11/18/2008 1:25:17 PM
u just press x when u get to the top of the cage.

when sittin on top before climbing out, that is when u prss x
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