What I love about this Game

#1BobbyPwNz0521Posted 7/13/2011 11:56:57 PM
It doesn't make me rage or really get frustrated at all. It's nice having a game which offers a challenge, without the annoyance of people screaming that different things are cheap or over-powered. This game has a nice balance to it. It feels good and still feels fun to play, even if you've already played it several times before. It's not like Black Ops, where it seems like there are so many things that can set you off.

Overall, even after playing this game for years now on PS2, Xbox 360, and even Nintendo DS, playing this on Wii after it's been out for so long still offers very fun gameplay. This game definitely has something about it that a lot of newer games these days just don't have, and I cherish that.

Do you guys feel the same way?
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