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How fast is warp drive speed actually?

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8 years ago#1
I don't even have a clue how many light years you would be able to travel within 1 year of warp drive speed travel. Anyone got an answer? ID: Pandonetho
8 years ago#2
it varies it can take hundreads of year to cover a few lightyears but it can also take a few seconds to cover millions of lightyears
8 years ago#3
Depends how calm the warp is at the time and what the currents are like. I imagine the distance from the Astrominician might also play a role
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8 years ago#4
That's the warp for you.

So evil.. So unpredictable.
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8 years ago#5
I think there was something about the distance traveled at a time in Dark Heresy. IIRC they could go 5 light years in less than an hour, but it got increasingly hazy the longer the ship spent in the warp. Also region of space and the distance from the Astronomicon are involved as well.

Some of the above posters make it sound like the Imperium rolls dice every time they make a warp transition. It's not, since they can reliably move fleets around to counter threats like new warp rifts, and with the slow rate of construction for building ships, the IoM wouldn't be able to afford it. Ships lost in the warp or getting altered through time are extremely rare and unusual, gellar fields preventing most corruption and the general stability of warp travel is often understated.

It's just that "lost in the warp, lol" has become a crutch for making up unexpected events by BL and other writers.
8 years ago#6
Okay, found something, a quote someone attributes to White Dwarf 139/140.

Average time elapsed on a ship during warp travel:
1 LY = 2-6 minutes
5 LY = 7-30 minutes
10 LY = 14-60 minutes
50 LY = 1.25-4.75 hours
100 LY = 2.5-9.5 hours
500 LY = 12-48 hours
1000 LY = 1-4 days (24-96 hours)
5000 LY = 5-21 days

Average time elapsed in the material world during a warp travel jump
1 LY = 43-270 minutes
5 LY = 3.5-24 hours
10 LY = 7-48 hours
50 LY = 1.5-9 days
100 LY = 3-21 days
500 LY = 2-12 weeks
1000 LY = 1-6 months
5000 LY = 5-36 months
8 years ago#7
Ah, Thanks for clearing that up for me. Was wondering about it. ID: Pandonetho
8 years ago#8

How fast is it you ask?

8 years ago#9
Now to answer the original question:
I don't even have a clue how many light years you would be able to travel within 1 year of warp drive speed travel.

Using formulas from that data (I assume you can calculate it yourself but it might be useful for others as well), an IoM ship would travel between 55 051 (at the low-end average) or 341 175 (at the high-end average) light years.

In one of the shorter 1-year trips (55051 light-years), the time elapsed within the universe will probably lie between 85 and 2 424 years.

In a longer 1-year trip (341 175 light years), the time elapsed will average between 1 020 and 34 311 years.

Of course these numbers can't really be useful as any non-marine military forces will be absolutely useless after even the shortest 85-year trip, and all the juvenat treatments in the Imperium won't let someone live 31 millenia.
8 years ago#10
Sorry to double-bump again, also compare the sizes to that of the known milky way.

Milky Way Diameter: 80 000-100 000
Milky Way width: 3 000 light years

In the span of a year in the warp (which really is an absurd amount of time), a warp-capable ship without problems with Navigator or chaos or turbulent warp storms could literally skim around the edge of the entire Milky Way and park itself right back at its original drydock with time to spare.

Of course there is always the possibility that the Imperium has up and collapsed by the time they get back. And everyone they know is probably dead.
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