Can't Run Game, Windows Live Problem

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8 years ago#1

So, I've downloaded and installed the Beta through steam, and I've fixed games for windows live, as well as an account to the client.

My problem, when I try to start the game through Steam, the only thing that happens is that a loading screen shows up for 2 seconds, then aborts. So I try to start it through Windows Live, but the Beta isn't listed in any of the games sections, and when I try to click on the link to the main advertisment on the front page I get an Error screen, saying "Error A problem has ocurred. Please try again later."

When starting the client, it says I need this hotfix, but I can't install it because of some language issue.

Anyone got a clue as to what could be wrong?

8 years ago#2
you can try reinstalling on steam. Something might have got messed up during the download.
8 years ago#3

Yeah, I erased all files completely and downloadeded it again, and re-downloaded the Games for Windows Live client, and reinstalled the latest .net framework. I don't know if it should have anything to do with that I'm in sweden, but I know sweden is a country supported by GfWL.

Anyone else?

8 years ago#4
Also, do you start it through steam or Windows? Because that could hint at where the problem lies.
8 years ago#5
come on now, help a brother out.
I've managed to access the beta through Windows Live now, and downloaded it that way. Still, when I try to start it through steam nothing happens. Steam just opens a loading window, then shuts the window down, and nothing happens. I'ts as if the game doens't even start to run before it gets aborted, or something.
8 years ago#6
Well, for me it takes quite a few seconds before DoW2 starts. Like you, the windows disappear but the game takes over afterwards.

Unless you frantically ctrl+alt+del and end the program before it loads, I'm guessing patience is your only answer.
8 years ago#7

after reading your post I had the window with processes open while trying to start the game. What happens is that the process DOW2 is run, but is canceled at the same time the window closes, so It's got nothing to do wi patience.

Would a hardware deficiency make the program act this way? I just have no idea what's wrong. Yet, after numerous installs of all programs and downloading the game over and over, it's still the same thing. Game just won't run.

8 years ago#8
I've been having the same problem so you aren't alone. From what I gather it's some sort of error with a file called "d3dx9_39.dll".
Desperate times call for desperate desperateness.
8 years ago#9
Alright..! So, what do you do with it..? Remove it, replace it, rewrite it? Have you gotten your to work?
8 years ago#10
If you go to dawn of war shortcut in your steam games, right click it, go to properties, then local files you will have an option to "verify integrity of game cache". I did this and got the game to work.
Desperate times call for desperate desperateness.
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