How are these games sold?

#1Jenna TontaPosted 10/6/2010 2:53:46 PM
While browsing at a GameStop recently, I found a Sam & Max game among the used Wii games. I asked the clerk if all of Season 1 is sold as a set or not. He told me that "Season 1" is basically an umbrella title for a series of separately sold games. So, if I decide I want to dive into the world of Sam & Max, I should search out Episode 101 to start with and later collect the rest of the adventures in the proper order, right? So I need to search out six separate games? I don't remember ever seeing a Sam & Max game in a big retail store like WalMart or Target. Has anyone here ever seen one in a store, new, for purchase? Where might I find them? Thanks for answering.

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