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8 years ago#11
Maybe the guitar input is just for the tracks with guitar chords...? I recall hearing that you could only have one track with chords per song, so it'd make sense for it to be marked differently. The melody track might be marked because it's the one used in karaoke mode or something, since I don't think anyone really had trouble telling them apart before. (They're always in the same spot.)

FFandMMfan, try looking for "banbura" in katakana. You might want to make a seperate topic for those links, though. XD
8 years ago#12
Thanks for the impressions!

"-you can set the strings distance apart on the guitar
-you can strum each string of the guitar separately producing different sounds"
This sounds great! It actually seems more advanced than Jam Sessions (if anyone played that) in which the chords sounded and felt a bit "stale" in my opinion.

I think Kimbles45 is right about the guitar/chords and melody stuff.

:D @ all the nicovideo links
8 years ago#13
I'm not sure if this was mentioned before. If it was whoever mentioned it previously can have credit, but today I got the idea to use the DS mic to play the demo. It works pretty great. You don't have to hold the DS up to your face for one thing. But the downside is that only you can hear the music.
8 years ago#14
I have a question for your demo experience. Does the sound output seem any louder than the original game? DBB was like the quietest sounding game in my collection. Does this sequel seem any louder, even a little?
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8 years ago#15
IGN did a hands-on of the demo, and they said that the guitar part can be played with the touch screen or buttons. Is it possible that you can simply use the buttons even if the guitar strings are on the touch screen?
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8 years ago#16
Yeah, when playing the Folk Guitar on the demo you can use the A or B button rather than the touch screen.
8 years ago#17
That IGN preview was lame. It started out with a stupid joke. Then they didn't even get some of the modes correct. Oh IGN, what are we going to do with you.
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