Rank all 23 cases(possible spoilers) part 2

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Meraktis hit him. It was used as proof that his car was working fine until recently, when the panties got stuffed up the exhaust.
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i'm glad a lot of people like 3-5 but i don't understand why the fanservice part is a bad thing, fanservice is part of our world we should in-brace it.
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1. 3-5

2. 2-4

3. 1-5


2-4 was amazing, but the big revelation about Matt was basicly spoiled for me. I read in a review that Phoenix would have to make a big moral choice in the last case, so I was pretty sure that his client would acutally be guilty. I hate direct/indirect spoilers in reviews so much. 3-5, however, was pure awesomeness

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'm glad a lot of people like 3-5 but i don't understand why the fanservice part is a bad thing, fanservice is part of our world we should in-brace it.

sometimes thats said to try and talk down about the the older games, usually because backlash against aj is so high. PW is basically fanservice in apollo justice he just basically is a reminder to why his games are so much better than the aj game
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Just finished AAI and feel like putting up my list fresh off of beating it. I apologise in advance for the lack of spell check.

1 Star cases

23. 3-3
I absolutly dispise this case. I'm stunned to see it ranked so high from many people. It's the only non AA case I refuse to replay. I'd comment more but as I type this I realize I hated the case so much I've erased most of it from my memory, I honestly don't remember what it's about...something about a fake Phoenix wright that the entire court and everyone who met him believe or something....gah.

22. 4-3
Same as above, every other case I've replayed atleast once (exception being AAI for now of coarse) but the whole thing is just nuts. The motivation and logic are just inane and not worth anyones time.

2 stars case

21. 2-1
Everyone else has said it. But I will say I was atleast kind of able to suspend my disbelief for this one which I never could for the above 2.

Looking at all the other cases I thought it would be easy to find more I dislike, but honestly I like/love every other case. Kudos to the creators of this series for being consistantly great.

3 stars cases

20. 3-2
I really need to play this one again. All I remember about it is having a strong dislike towards Mask DeMasque and being frustrated at the lack of moral questioning at the fact he's defending a thief. But Luke keeps this case likeable.

19. 1-1
It's a great starting point for the series. Nothing too fancy just gives the basics with nothing too remarkable.

18. 1-2
Such promise. I remember the first time playing it just being in absolute shock seeing White kill Mia...IN THE FREAKING OPENING. They gave it away and it was just frustraiting. Plus the fact you don't even have the evidence to convict him and he has to confess after somehow being guilted into it just turns what could have been one of the best cases into underwhelming mediocrity.

17. 1-3
I absolutly love the characters and the story, I just wish it hadn't been self defence. It really hurt the case and brings up too many questions.

16, 15. 2-3, 4-2
These are darn good filler cases. They were both amusing but still carry a little bit of weight. The characters were memorable and the 'villains' were interesting to me.

4 Stars

14, 13, 12, 11, 10. I-1, I-3, I-2, I-4, I-5
As I'm thinking of ranking the newest cases I think I'm realizing my biggest gripe of the game. It's supposed to be this big epic tale of stopping a smuggling/counterfeit ring, and I never really cared about it or it's villains. They were all capable in their own right, but I never once was threatened by them or got the grandios feeling from any of them, even Alba. To me Alba felt like Damon Gant except I was more annoyed by him rather than being threatening. Plus as much as I like Edgeworth as a character, I honestly prefer the more goofy and lighthearted lead. Again, I love Edgeworth's character, I just think he's better in a supporting role.

9. 3-1
Great opening to see how Mia and Phoenix meet and we get a fantastic opening villain in Dahlia. Plus Paine losing his hair is a top 10 moment in the series. In fact I may just make that list...maybe later.

8. 2-2
The Ini-Mini revelation was fantastic, Morgan's presence was looming and appropriate. Absolutly love it.

7. 4-4
I get why people dislike this case and wish it had been broken up officially into 2 different cases but overall it was still very good. The use of the stamp might be my favorite murder. The MASON system...honestly I'm ok with. I was able to suspend disbelief enough to buy that we just delving into key moments of the case with Phoenix, but the fact that Phoenix saves the day rather than Apollo rubs me the wrong way.

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5 Stars

6. 3-4
Heartpumping courtroom drama from start to finish. Going in you knew it would end poorly but the end still punched you in the mouth.

5. 1-4
Von Karma freaking tampered with the parrot just in case he testified. A moment that could have been beyond stupid was somehow believeable within the game and was epic. Not to mention the tazer scene.

4. 4-1
Such a fantastic start for this game. To bad it just went downhill. A good reintroduction of Pheonix, a good first impretion for Apollo, and a fantastic turnabout with Kristoph.

3. 1-5
The final showdown with Gant ranks as my all time favorite showdown, finally getting him to crack was the most satisfying accoplishment in the series to me. Everything up til then was good but not great.

2. 3-5
An appropriate ending to the original trilogy that felt like it went on forever but remained high tempo the whole time.

1. 2-4
The single toughest choice in video game history. Bar none. I love Heavy Rain but the Guilty/Not Guilty verdict choice made me put down the game, plug it in, and sleep on it. I can't imagine a game ever making me do that. The first half is good, just trying to find the 'real' culprit and find your guy innocent. There are always questions in the back of your mind but you still think Matt's probably innocent even leading up to the big reveal. Simply perfection.
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Hooray for 2-4 love!
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3-3 only works if you accept that it's not supposed to make sense. It's a humour-based case.
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