Rank all 23 cases(possible spoilers) part 2

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I'm very disappointed at the lack of 2-3 on the bottom of any lists.

2-1 was funny and had a cool villain. It's cheesy, but not terribly bad.
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#32DeepsPrawPosted 3/15/2010 7:55:04 PM
Y'know, I guess I have to play 2-4 again, I don't remember it being very special.
#33Starky100Posted 3/16/2010 12:26:56 AM
^ I agree. I thought 1-5, 1-4, 5-5 and 3-5 were better. There wasn't anything outstanding about 2-4 other than the alternate endings and the fact that Phoenix is in a much bigger pit than usual because of Maya being kidnapped. 1-4 takes you apart with twists, 1-5 has you trying to pwn Gant and also epic Blue Badger, 3-5 had a great story in general and was very tricky with the spirit channeling. 5-5 was great because Alba was such an awesome villain, deflecting each and every objection with a showstopping hand sign, and also because of the massive amount of cameos and investigations. Did I mention that every single useless person becomes useful in this case? Larry, Gumshoe, Oldbag, even the inanimate Iron Infant. Cool.
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Y'know, I guess I have to play 2-4 again, I don't remember it being very special.

It's a heavily personal case. Prior to his reveal, the game is always teasing you with possibilities that Matt could be the killer, but by this time the player has been trained to always accept the absolute theme that every defendant is innocent of committing murder. Even when the question is asked directly, Matt denies that he killed Juan and no Psyche Locks appear. Yet, the fact that he still set in motion Juan's murder and fooled the guy who can literally see people's lies is one of the sneakiest ploys ever concocted by an Ace Attorney character.

Combine that with how rotten, selfish, and indifferent Matt is to anyone other than himself, and that he manages to put everyone - even Edgeworth and Mia - through the greatest hell they can imagine without being is a position of power (like Redd White or Damon Gant) is jaw-dropping. I'd even go as far as saying it's admirable. In fact, he's the only criminal with no law contacts who can stand beside the heavy-hitters like Gant, Alba, and Manfred and proudly say, "I ******* did that!"

It's even a great commentary. By the second trial day, Phoenix is forced to abandon his beliefs and do what every real defense attorney is required to do: defend the accused regardless of where they stand in relation to the events.

In relation, the aesthetics (Maya being kidnapped, Franziska being shot, etc.) have very little to do with what makes this case so amazing. They could have been substituted in for by similar events but they do create a mood of panic and anxiety and add to the feeling that something awful is about to befall the player, which occurs at several points in the case; Matt's reveal, the notorious All-Or-Nothing event at the end, and the Guilty/Not Guilty decision that is the only moment in the series where the player has full autonomous control of the situation. If the player chooses Guilty, it indicates that they value justice over family. If the player chooses Not Guilty, they value family over justice. This moment is not the player making the decision as Phoenix; it's the player making the decision as themselves, completely detached from the protagonist to make one of the most defining decisions not just for Phoenix, but for themselves.

It breaks the mold, goes for the throat, and doesn't let go until the credits finish rolling. It even concludes the game and ties up every loose end sans the card that Maya drew on, leaving no room for a sequel to build on. Trials & Tribulations is a case of a game created with the fans in mind: the deepest it gets is Miles taking Phoenix's place on the bench, which is a fun break from pace but it can not match the depth or complexity of Farewell, My Turnabout and I doubt any future Ace Attorney game will.
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With my previous post in mind, I feel that an order shuffle on my list is necessary.

23. Turnabout Memories (3-1)
22. The First Turnabout (1-1)
21. Turnabout Visitor (5-1)
20. Turnabout Corner (4-2)
19. Turnabout Big Top (2-3)
18. Recipe For Turnabout (3-3)
17. Turnabout Samurai (1-3)
16. The Kidnapped Turnabout (5-3)
15. Reunion, and Turnabout (2-2)
14. Turnabout Serenade (4-3)
13. Bridge To The Turnabout (3-5)
12. Turnabout Sisters (1-2)
11. Turnabout Airlines (5-2)
10. The Lost Turnabout (2-1)
9. Turnabout Trump (4-1)
8. The Stolen Turnabout (3-2)
7. Turnabout Beginnings (3-4)
6. Turnabout Reminiscence (5-4)
5. Turnabout Succession (4-4)
4. Rise From The Ashes (1-5)
3. Turnabout Ablaze (5-5)
2. Turnabout Goodbyes (1-4)
1. Farewell, My Turnabout (2-4)

That should be more accurate than my first one with only a few more kinks to iron out but won't because I'm too lazy to do that.
Tyrell Badd is the only person Gant can't raep.
#36Lusankya1Posted 3/16/2010 3:23:40 AM
"2-1 was funny and had a cool villain. It's cheesy, but not terribly bad."

It is terribly bad. It took all bad things from 1-2 and made it even worse.
- "The victim wrote the name of its murderer" WHAHRGARGBL
That's just so lame, it never happens it's more like "the name which is written here belongs to the person I can say for sure is innocent".

- the real murderer tries to pin the murder on another person
That's so stupid, apparently no one saw wellington so why didn't he just hide? No of course he has to go to court saying basically:"hey im totally involved in that murder please arrest me!"

Also that "bananas" thing is so incredibly stupid as well as Phoenix losing his memory.
By far the worst case in the series.
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"I'm very disappointed at the lack of 2-3 on the bottom of any lists."
You shouldn't be disappointed, it's just that you have bad taste.
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Yeah, back when JFA came out everyone was claiming 2-3 as WORST CASE IN THE SERIES!11!11 I'm glad that people have managed to see past the circus setting and the general bias against filler cases in general and realize that it's actually a really good case. Flawed, yes, but still really good.

Of course, AJ coming along and adding a bunch of really badly done cases may have also caused people to re-evaluate their 'worst case in the series' position. >_>
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