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RUMOR: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to be released Feb. 14th 2012 (Archived)ChronoCactaur510/2/2011
why was tyrell badds cigarette censored? (Archived)Anzar1010/2/2011
Playing this for the first time, and I'm really missing the courtroom... (Archived)FreedanEternal59/29/2011
Ace Attorney Investigations 2: European Release? (Archived)Kagato2429/23/2011
Check out my 1st RINGTONE! (Archived)Gilberto19/19/2011
Chessboard error? (Archived)Tweekscute19/12/2011
Rhoda should have replaced Kay. (Archived)
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why isn't the new one going to be localized? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Can I play this without playing the other games? (Archived)Nexus_Nocturnal68/12/2011
Capcom if you ever do another PW game... (Archived)Batistuta7108/9/2011
Just beat this game. Opinions inside + Spoilers* (Archived)
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If Edgeworth was the prosecutor in the Casey Anthony trial... (Archived)Dark Blade 1388/2/2011
8=D Yus! (Archived)zekrom900188/1/2011
Replaying cases... (Archived)MagmaYoshi37/26/2011
Wish there were more games like these. (Archived)astmaattack47/26/2011
Calisto Yew (Archived)dragonslayman57/25/2011
About Case 5 *SPOILER* (Archived)GameFaqGuest57/21/2011
Manfred von Karma would have had her ass in 30 seconds. (Archived)BabaBzaa47/8/2011
Phoenix Wright in the game! (Archived)
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Case 3 stupidity (Archived)beebo47/7/2011
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