Onyx and Yeti

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User Info: Goldenlizird

8 years ago#1
K, lets tackle two problems at once.

1: WHere can I find an Onyx for the lesbian jewel maker?
2: How can I kill the Yeti before it runs away?
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User Info: Gojira346

8 years ago#2
Get umbra and luminare


if that doesn't work, get the "VOL" versions then do it.

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User Info: Khelv

8 years ago#3
The electric lance combo killed the yeti easily for me.

User Info: FilteredWater

8 years ago#4
In Tristis Pass if you look at the map at the first save point to the left go all the way down then it shows on the map that you make a right go all the right then you're in a room with Ectoplasm go down until you see a candle on the left wall and hit it, it should give you an onyx.

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