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Just posting some helpful info to get the Brachyura medal, and kill him faster in Boss Rush mode. :D

An easy way to beat up Brachyura is... Globus! Yes, Globus. When the battle first starts activate Dominus Agony and make sure you have at least 1 Death Ring equipped. Give him a couple seconds to get a tad closer and start to combo Globus after Globus. By the time he reaches you, he should just go into his red form.

Now, here is the tricky part - his 3 claw stab attack. Stand at the far left corner and left him hit twice. He will make a huge crack in the wall. Before he launches his third attack, go to the center then quickly dodge. You see, if you stayed at the left of the arena his sweep when he brings his claw down will almost hurt you, even with a shield (Hitbox is everywhere). He will only do the claw sweep during the first 'level' and so far I know, only once. So once this is cleared up - We are good to go!

Here is a good way to shave off even more seconds: After he destroys a ceiling, he lingers his claw for a few seconds in your face. BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT! I simply spam Globus until he drags it down then work my way up. The damage with Agony + Death Ring is usually enough to cause him to change red instantly the next phase up.
Proptip: There are only 3 phases. Do not do the above strategy on the last phase, as you are wasting your time - You don't need to damage him anymore as the next phase is just the elevator crush. :]

Final protip: In the last phase, when he is attacking the breakable ceiling, do not stand on the lower platform, at all. He will shuffle his feet up and buff you every time which will screw up getting your medal, and kill you if you have a Death Ring. Just hug the left wall in the topmost corner. It might look like you will be hit, but don't worry you wont. And since he wont do his claw sweep, you have nothing to fear.

I've been able to shave off 1:10 fighting him so I thought this would be helpful to share.
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Also, you might want to note that the bottom of the elevator, despite it's spikiness, doesn't hurt you. So just get up there as fast as you can and don't worry if you hit the elevator.
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"You'll be rewarded with the useless Morbus glyph."

Morbus is a great way to prematurely get rid of Eligor's arrows.
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Also, you might want to note that the bottom of the elevator, despite it's spikiness, doesn't hurt you. So just get up there as fast as you can and don't worry if you hit the elevator.

That's a good thing to note also haha. Thanks.
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A REALLY easy way to get the Brachyura medal after your first play through is to use the Arma Machina glyph. Use a strong attack or two to get the crab to go red, then just stay in robot form until he breaks the ceiling. You'll get hit, but it won't take away and HP and you'll still get the medal. I just tried it and it works. I don't know who originally figured this out, but I read it from metroidman18's post in this topic:
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"1a) Get the glyph in the Monastery that’s surrounded by falling blocks (cubus)?
What you'll need:
The ignis glyph.

-> In order to get the glyph, simply cast the ignis glyph union on the ground and keep holding up. You’ll absorb the glyph before the blocks cover it back up. The glyph you get behind the blocks is the nearly useless Cubus glyph, which lets you create the blocks you are destroying right now. There are other glyphs you can use besides ignis, but this one is fairly simple to use and you can get it somewhat early in the game."

You can do it with Falcis and Arcus...

If i remember correctly jump and use Falcis Glyph Union then jump and use Falcis Glyph Union again and then Arcus Glyph Union once and hold up.

Save before trying and you should get it eventually.

Two side notes -

To get the justice ring you just use Ascia for all but the last two columns then switch to arcus for the final two... Take's a little long though...

(and maybe a bit obvious) you can use Dominus Hatred to kill Tin Man early on, if you cannot survive it normally your still fine as long as you do not mind using potions.

Personally i think it's worth it to get the Strength Ring before you fight Brachyura...

I saw these mentioned nowhere so forgive me if i am repeating anything someone else said.
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>Yeah. You'll need to max your AP before going to hard mode. It carries over.

Can I restart with my current Character (lvl. 115) a new game + on normal, gain max AP und start a new game + on Hard Lvl. 255 with my lvl. 115-character?
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I also would like to add that i have found Cubus effective in Misty Road Forest to all but about 3 enemies (two of them being white dragon and old enkidu the other being specters) by ease to kill with it not by weakness.

Mostly because besides some monsters being weak against it - Bitterflies (Bitterfly non plural of course... sorry) are fairly easy to block with it....

Also i found myself using it to get the medal for killing Maneater. (fairly easy way to get rid of those annoying bones on first play through)

Tymeo Mountains could hold limited use for it but i did not use it there so i cant say... I suspect Nightmare might die without hitting you if you use Cubus carefully but i would prefer to kill him for his item after "Leap Stone"... It could make it easier to get past the Rock Knight's though.

Anyway That post was just to stay on topic, i forgot to ask this last post but i wanted to know which Lufia game you liked better, Lufia II is pretty much my favorite game ever.
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Melio Ascia wasn't a 3 star drop... it was a 5 star drop and I got it with UNDER 100 luck...
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