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What? Nobody said it was a 3 star drop normally.

I may have said it was a 3 star drop with all the luck boosts I had. Boosting your luck changes the number of stars that appear next to the item in the drop guide.

Melio Ascia has the lowest drop rate, in case anyone forgot or didn't know.
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Great guide and very helpful comments here, thanks guys!

I've got few questions, how many times I can start a new game+ (and I get infinite health by collecting HP Max Ups each cycle).

Also, when I should start hard 1 game to get the lvl 255 limit. Will it overwrite my current save so I'm stuck in hard with a lvl 1 character, with no way to revert back to my previous lvl 99 char?
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Okay, that's nice, although the real question is that if I can't possibly beat the lvl1mode, my save is stuck in it forever and I can't return to lvl99 to play more?
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First of all, if you're playing HML1 on a New Game+ file, it should be ridiculously easy.

Second, on a clear file, you can select the "Clear" option any time, regardless of your current progression to begin a mode again with all the same carry overs as usual.

Third, only the first 30 of each Max Up counts per file.
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I'd like to know at what times specific items show at the end of the Boss Rush modes? I haven't seen anything on it. I
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Thanks for the info OP.
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how belmontian
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Awesome guide! Thanks so much!

Maybe you can add this, for 2b) Best way to level up? Actively Part 5, I couldn't kill the dual hammers with 1000 acerbatus per shot with a max damage setup (I could only hit 900 damage per shot or so). This was when I was around level 100.

To compensate I just used Melio Macir glyphs Armas Custos with 1 HP left with max damage gear.

With queen of hearts helmet & barbarian body / shoes Arma Custos only gives me +3 damage (+1 str) at full health. But if I enter the room with 1 health I was getting +267 damage (+105 str). Then slap on your death rings and not only does your base damage double but you get +490 damage (+193 strength) in bonus damage. I was hitting them pretty hard, 1200-ish damage, and had no trouble killing them in two swings and after a few minutes I could swap in a hierophant ring.

If you're having trouble entering room with 1 health eat a "rotten meat" when you are below 200 health. And I suppose you could wear the heart cuirass if you feel you might get hit or just want to be safe.

So I guess if you're having trouble killing the double hammers, equip
*Melio Macir glyphs
*Armas Custos Glyphs
*death rings
*Max damage gear
and enter the room with 1 health
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^You can also use Dominus and Refectio glyph to reduce your hp to 1.