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Is this game considered part of the original timeline? (Archived)LordJackal212/7/2013
Money making... (Archived)MasterAlucardX412/1/2013
Just finished a challenge run on level 1 hard mode with 128 health and 50 hearts (Archived)LinkGanonSlayer111/30/2013
I need to get two master rings! (Archived)mrpurple1993211/30/2013
Can anyone here sell me some coffee? (Archived)AmethystViper111/30/2013
Leaning Towards Order of Ecclesia... (Archived)LordJackal611/24/2013
What happened to Koji Igarashi? (Archived)winged_weltall911/19/2013
the line from castlevania 2 was a bonus added to the US translation. (Archived)AxelStone211/8/2013
Just finished my Hard Mode Lvl 1 fresh file playthrough. (Archived)EmperorFF2310/29/2013
Best DS Castlevania Title? (Archived)NinetaiIs1010/28/2013
This game is good (Archived)Dmess85610/8/2013
Minera Prison Island - Hard Mode - Dropping Blades Solution (Archived)greyman318810/6/2013
anyone still playing this? (Archived)lkhlkh59/15/2013
This game is rather badly made... (Archived)
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Question concerning new game+ and unlocking QoH (Archived)Frogfencing58/26/2013
connected to Judgement but didn't get the Record or Royal Crown (Archived)DarkIVloon78/20/2013
A couple of questions in the beginning (Archived)Johnny_Ace28/10/2013
Poll: Do you think Barlowe would be fun as a playable? (Poll)LontaBeans107/21/2013
So what did everybody think of the boss fights in this game? (spoilers) (Archived)Im_A_potato46/26/2013
i have love-hate relationship with this game (Archived)emilieautumn0836/20/2013
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