Soul Calibur saved my life many years ago.

#1rockstar28Posted 12/19/2009 12:33:24 AM
Back in the dreamcast days, i happened to be bored one night and this was one of the few games i never rented but everything else was out so i took a chance and grabbed a 12 pack and kaboom it was time to play. i got home fired up the dreamcast and a few hours of playing...i am glad that everything was out because this game was so amazing. then some friends came over and all gawked that it looked stupid....then they tried it. lets just say namco should have sent me some referral money cause they all fell in love with me and the game. so i kissed everyone goodbye...hahaha if your still ready i caught your attention baby cause i don't like boys.........i like men.....hahaha thats not funny anymore heck it wasn't funny to begin with. anyways back to my story!!!

so i met a girl at university and we flirted, laughed, got her number and arranged for a date and a dance...then maybe some you know unhuh...unhuh! so the night was coming on strong. i was alittle nervous so i eased my pain with a few shots of lambs rum and coke. the sensation was ever so lovely. then boom boom boom....what could have that been...i heard a sassy voice scream....let me i did and it was the boys....they all came with some booze and we fired up soul calibur and man the matches were always so close that you just had to play again and again,etc. by the time i looked at the clock i was drunk and it was 3:00am. i felt bad because i stood this girl up at a resturant and she was cute too.

the weekend ended and i explained myself but it didn't work because she said i embarrassed her by taking a chance on another wreckless and dangerous rouge like myself. i farted and walked away leaving her with the stench of a million wilda beasts.

but heres the real true part of the tale...that and the not showing up for the date. 2 years ago i heard she was killed in a car accident with her boyfriend. that kinda scared me because what if i made it to the date. would we have got together and maybe i would have been killed in that car those few years ago. i will never know.

thank you namco and soul calibur.......MY SOUL STILL BURNS ON. THEIR LEGEND WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!
i am so rock and roll!!!