List the problems/issues you have with the Soul series and what you'd like added

#1xOmniCloudxPosted 8/23/2010 7:42:42 AM
For most the hardcore community the problems come more so post SCII since SCIII was a hot mess balance wise and most other places. SCIV's (and by extension Broken destiny) issues come from fixing many of the problems SCIII had but still falling short in many ways compared to SCI and SCII to many people. With Project Soul more or less being disbanded, Katsuhiro Harada (the Tekken series director) has said that he wants to see the series back and that if he see's enough fan support that he would look into reviving the series best he could (plus his team are big on gameplay and always try to smooth that out and it cold possibly give SC Arcade releases again to smooth out gameplay before console release like in the good ole days).

In other words it's similar to how SFIV got the light of day and that as most you know turned out extremely well for Capcom. The Soul series has been a big name for years even when not at the peak of its popularity like it was SC1-SCII so it could very possibly work for us too. It's all on us guys. Also if you have faecbook sign the petition which Harada has said he liked below and leave a comment (do not spam him) saying how much you'd like the series to return since again he said he'd show other people at Namco this.

This has been successful at Tekken sites regarding some issues we have had with the most recent installment's console release and he's been really good at feedback, responding, interviews and has even posted on several big name Tekken sites regarding our issues and even confirmed an issue we had to be fixed next installment. So he's definitely someone who responds. As of now 8wayrun is trying to be the main site for him or Namco to look at or contact so also make some noise there. I would kink his official Facebook, Twitter and the Peition on Facebook but GameFAQS is being uptight about that.

Anyway, list your complaints about the series and what you'd like added as well and I'll compile everything I find from various sites.
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