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8 years ago#1
i am not to sure exactly when this happened but i think it happened when i found around 1000. but they show up as red dots on your compass maps. this is very helpful once you start getting thin on the spiders. dont confuse this with enemies.
8 years ago#2
Really? Awesome. I like when developers throw you some help on finding all of the (damn) collectables. I'd love it if games like GTA would do this too.

GTA4 had something similar, but it was just a map you could access on a computer in the game, not on the main map/radar.
8 years ago#3
Oh, and does anyone know for sure how to get them to appear? Is the TC correct, that they show up at 1k found?
8 years ago#4
ya they show up after 1000 found, tho problem, I think the 2160 achievement is broken >.> didn't get the full collection achievement.
Eve >.>
8 years ago#5
Yeah, but who the f*** puts THAT many things to find in a game!? That's just ridiculous and useless. Waste of my time.
8 years ago#6
^ You're kidding right? It would only be ridiculous if they were hard as hell to find. I can't even move half a block without snagging like 8 of them.
"Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like Ice Cube in 'Boyz in tha Hood'." - Simon Pegg
8 years ago#7
Thats the point though. Why bother? It doesn't really give you anything but some achievement points, and they're EVERYWHERE. It's like hunting for easter eggs and you cant take a step without walking on 3 eggs. I'm sorry, but in a game this size, collectables should stick to the 100-200 range. That way if you're missing some you have an easier chance of knowing where to get them. Over 2000 is just insane. This, and all the optional quests, are nothing but time wasters to make the game seem much longer than it is. Like I said in my review, if it unlocks things like costumes, special missions, alternate characters, etc etc, then I wouldn't be as against it, but in the end they're not worth picking up and due to the sheer number of them, they may as well just not have added them in at all.
8 years ago#8
Items being in the 100-200 range in a virtual Manhattan was a pain in the ass in the last 2 games. In SM3 I could only find 1 or 2 of each.

Besides, every set number of red spiders you collect boosts your health and special meter, so they're hardly a waste of time. That alone makes them worth the effort.
"Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like Ice Cube in 'Boyz in tha Hood'." - Simon Pegg
8 years ago#9
damn there isn't a achievement for all 2160 >.> well I wasted some time.
Eve >.>
8 years ago#10
It's a waste of time if you can beat the game with ease and only have found about 400 of them. I beat every boss pretty much straight away, to include the final Venom fight, without dying. So, yeah, it seems unnecessary. Plus, if there are only 100-200 it's easier for people to collaborate and write up where they all are so you can find them easier. So for those collector junkies, if you can't find a few of them, you go online and look and see which you're missing. Also, the others ended up unlocking things for you, so it was worth collecting. The only thing you unlock by collecting these are achievement points, and even then it's not really worth it. I'd rather have 100 really well hidden pieces to find than 2000+ really easy ones because lets face it...when you get down to that last 200, it's going to be a pain in the ass to find them just as well.

Like I said. If you're going to call them collection pieces, don't make them integral as much to expanding your character, and do like every other game and make them unlock something. Health and speed are nice but still, being able to beat the game with so little and do it easily shows it's lack of worth. I think the game failed badly with this.
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