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7 years ago#1
How do u get it? and whats the easiest way?
7 years ago#2
I would like to know this myself, the most I can get is 4 stars in any of them. Also, even though I've played all five of them, still no keen flyer badge trophy, what gives?
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7 years ago#3
You have to choose flying club in the menu before you continue your game to select one of the three matches with the other clubs. There isn't really any trick that I found, you just have to fly through the middle of as many stars as possible while not missing any so that your combo score is also high. It seems trial and error is the only way, hufflepuff was the hardest for me because there aren't as many stars to fly through so you can't miss any.
7 years ago#4
Are you supposed to hit as many of the training dummies as you can too? Or do they matter?
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7 years ago#5
The training dummies add time to the clock, so if your stars are flashing red because you're low on time then hit them. Otherwise, there's not really any point to hitting them because I always got 2,000 points as my time bonus for finishing without a retry. I think you lose 500 points from your time score for every retry, I guess that keeps you from five-starring a run that you failed four times.
7 years ago#6
I've asked this in another thread, but no one there seemed to even look at what I asked.

What does it take to get 5 stars in the flying events?

I've hit every single star goal dead center several times and the meter fills all the way to the top and keeps counting but I never get 5 stars. It's almost like the game is glitched in the flying event where it can't give 5 stars or something.
7 years ago#7
i am having the same prob too
7 years ago#8
how do i get the dueling veteran trophy ?????
7 years ago#9
to get 5 stars in an event:

about 2/3 of the stars you get should be great, 1/3 good.

get a chain of at least 3/4 the number of stars in the event.

Get a time bonus of 2000.

Those three rules should get you 5 stars or almost 5 stars in every event.
7 years ago#10
For Dueling Veteran badge you need to become champion of all 4 dueling clubs.
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