Help! Jokers home turf for lego batman psp

#1fuzz327Posted 10/22/2009 9:34:36 AM
Hi im stuck in Jokers Home Turf. I can't go anywhere, im not facing the Joker yet im playing against this guy in a big green hat I don't know his name. Im stuck locked in this factory with a half circle of green acid or goo in the middle and above there is a metal balcony and at the front of it are two control panel and there is a blue wire atached to this thing that batman and robin step on. I've stepped on it a million times but nothing happens. To the right on the balcony there is a open door but I cant get to and like i said before im locked in there and i couldn't be forgetting anything because the garage that i came in through is locked and i quit and started the level over and i got everything. on the ground to the right theres a gray ramp but it only leads to another panel that batman and robin stand on. ive been stuck in here forever and i cant figure it out what do i do please please help.
#2chloe47Posted 10/26/2009 3:25:23 PM
What you have to do is go up to where there are two red buttons to step on, these are on the left and right side of this factory. If the Mad Hatter is standing on the right, get Robin to walk up the magnet ledge and pull down the bridge, then have both him and Batman stand on the red buttons. This will activate some spark to bring Mad Hatter down and you will have a chance to fight him inbetween him running back up the to left or right side. On the left side there is a pulley to jump onto to get you to the red buttons to stand on. You won't have to do this for too long.

Hope this helps.