This or Gears of War 2?

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User Info: Fox133

8 years ago#1

User Info: ulmer316

8 years ago#2
GOW 2 by far
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User Info: pairunoyd

8 years ago#3

Summer Athletics fo sho! If you're a little nerd, GoW 2.


User Info: zinsindetta

8 years ago#4
Oh it will be close call
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User Info: goobernick

8 years ago#5
SA, better graphics and GOW2 almost completely copies this

User Info: lock_smith

8 years ago#6
this until gears 2 comes out, it can help pass the time until november 7th.

User Info: Telekenesis123

8 years ago#7
Hi, im just here out of morbid curiosity.

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