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8 years ago#1
More of a curiosity than anything else... but does anyone know if the prince's scarf is based on reality? I'm assuming it's a super long scarf that's wrapped around his head a lot of times.
8 years ago#2
I'm currently sewing it for fun, and my bet was that it was two long scarfs together.
it's inspired by arabic scarf like the touareg who wear it blue (think it's spelled like this)
Too many freaks, not enough circuses
8 years ago#3
Yes it's a turban, it used to stop your head from overheating in the sun.

WOW! WHAT A NOVEL IDEAL! Too bad westerners can't understand that!
8 years ago#4
^ I understand it just fine. I don't understand the necessity of wearing it in -30 degrees Celsius during a Canadian winter.

On the other hand, I'm not the type to knock another's customs or religious beliefs. Unless I'm preached to. Then I'm like a baboon that's been poked with a stick. I'd say tiger, but my nails are cut short and I can't really wear stripes well.
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