Forgotten Sands is infinitely better than this

#1DahaganuPosted 1/30/2012 4:48:55 PM
I loved Forgotten Sands, but it left me wanting more. So I got this game hoping for more Prince action. What is this? Why am I attached to some chick? Why does every character look and talk like lame Disney characters?
#2streetfighter76Posted 2/2/2012 6:34:03 AM(edited)
'Cause it was made ONLY to please dumb kids who are playing a videogame for the first time in their lives; Ubisoft thought they were gonna be a good market for them in the future, so they betrayed their fan base and it backfired on them to the point of ruining the WHOLE franchise.

It's a good example for those cheap companies trying to do the same.
Kids already have a BIG bunch of boring games where EVERYTHING is automatic and simplistic, the industry never needed a PoP for mentally challenged individuals.
That market is a lil' niche, as demonstrated by the poor response from true gamers and the PoP established fanbase feeling offended by this AWFUL "game".
Gamers want to play, not only watch... >_>
#3JPdelaGhettoPosted 2/10/2012 2:26:52 AM
I'm replaying this game again for the second time on PS3. First I played it on PC. The game is amazing. You guys obviously never played Prince of Persia before the Sand of Time, Warrior Within, and Two Thrones.

This is old school classic reinvisioned PoP goodness and I love it.
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