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Like Prince of Persia? (Archived)Nicholi112059/25/2011
My thoughts about the game having just finished it. (Archived)RealSkeleman59/3/2011
Wow can't believe I slept on this game. Really surprised me. (Archived)
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Just beat this game and it was great!!! (Archived)Timba8u67/11/2011
I guess we won't see the sequel to this game for at least ANOTHER year (Archived)
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PS3 game Journey (Archived)spank_my_bottom16/9/2011
Just decided to finish this game! SPOILERS (Archived)namera16/7/2011
How do I defeat the Warrior? This is so frustrating. (Archived)arachnidd74/24/2011
Ubisoft... Did Ezio kill the Prince? (Archived)
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little help on this game ? (Archived)magiceddie05312/22/2010
The new Disney movie Tangled almost looks like a remake of this game. (Archived)y000012500311/7/2010
is this game really that bad ? (Archived)
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Where are the save points (Archived)mvbuch49/20/2010
So... (Archived)Prophets_Blood78/16/2010
Enslaved ? (Archived)spank_my_bottom38/10/2010
now usually i dont do this but um... (Archived)QuikSilver98938/10/2010
I'm amazed this game got such a tepid reaction (Archived)
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The only thing that kept me going was ending but the game didnt had an ending !? (Archived)onuruca47/30/2010
Epilogue wont play!!!! (Archived)GiveMeAnIceCrea27/8/2010
Hey leetcarrotz19... (Archived)Kerrack17/6/2010
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