Orcs and Juggling

#1kohanamaruPosted 2/2/2009 12:01:27 AM
I'm having a hard time with two last achievements. I can't for the life of me tell what the names of all the monsters are and the bonus stuff doesn't help much.

-Does anyone know a good place to rack up some points on killing Orcs?
A reminder to what they look like would be awesome too. I think they have axe type weapons but I wouldn't swear to it.

-Also, 'Juggling' is just holding Y, correct?
I've been at his for a few hours and over the story line so it's getting seemingly hopeless therefor I want to make sure I'm at least doing it right.
#2MegatronsDaddyPosted 2/3/2009 5:11:13 AM
I think the Orcs are the skinny dudes.

And yeah, Y is the one to throw enemies up in the air.
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