no Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires for PC?

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7 years ago#1
heard many nice thing about that game like changing character face look and so on...
7 years ago#2
I guess the games not that popular on the pc. There is a a lack of players and faqs in the pc boards compared to the others. Some people also argue that the controls are hard. Oh well :-(
7 years ago#3
There is a way to get it, however... Gamestop's the only place to get it. I've checked places like Target, and Walmart, and they weren't there. Maybe it's because it's only for the keyboard? Would be easier to play it with the mouse to, because it's way too annoying to place it with the keyboard.

Well, this is the only place you can get it on PC, lemme link you.
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7 years ago#4
yeah thats true.. but y did they not use mouse control.??
if keybord its so hard to control..
7 years ago#5
There's something call controller for them. Oh well, for someone like me who only have PC for gaming. Too bad. It'll rock if Empires 6 is out on the PC. I enjoyed Empires 5 when I was playing on someone else's PS2.
I maxed my skills but have remaining points. And I'm stuck in the skill adding screen. Is there anyway to solve this?
Yes, get a better cheat or trainer...
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