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OK, could someone who has beaten the game answer a question.. (Happy Ending) (Archived)dhowerter101/5/2010
Becase it will be the most game ever! (Archived)
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So, hows the story to this game, at least almost as good as Xenogears and Saga? (Archived)Necronmon71/3/2010
The new prince of persia game? (Archived)Bladin41/3/2010
Why is this 50 bucks on walmart.com? (Archived)M3TALG3ARH3AD1012/29/2009
So...do these stores know something that we do not? (Archived)thefinaloracle612/14/2009
I am shocked this board is kinda dead. this game looks like fun. (Archived)JRPG612/11/2009
When's the release date? (Archived)EhhKitteh312/7/2009
Turnbased?? (Archived)lordlich311/16/2009
How is it? (Archived)istuffedsunny210/19/2009
so... (Archived)JordanRynes710/11/2009
lol 2010. Nintendo Power gives some reasons. (Archived)Norse Mage12149/29/2009
Reasons for delay? (Archived)DerekGenoa98/17/2009
Don't know if anyone has seen this one yet. It looks to me so here you go. (Archived)thefinaloracle108/17/2009
world destruction? (Archived)rpglover124328/8/2009
This game looks fantastic! I can not wait. The music and graphics look so nice. (Archived)JRPG67/28/2009
about the anime (Archived)SquareRocks17/26/2009
Problem with the Final boss (Archived)StonerGriffon17/21/2009
This game is supposed to be made by the Dream-team, isnt it? (Archived)fissionprimer57/18/2009
15 months later... no thank you. (Archived)DigitalMax47/16/2009
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