new marbles?

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8 years ago#1
has anyone discovered new marble types, if not we need to email nintendo for an update
8 years ago#2
I haven't unlocked any yet. I'm starting to lose hope. Maybe they aren't actually unlockable. Maybe they're going to announce you can buy new designs for 100 points a pop. :)
8 years ago#3
I got 4 different gems now...great... :)

Anyway. My theory on getting them. Have you noticed how after each boss in Quest mode it says Bonus? Maybe these bonuses are on the quest paths and perhaps the challenges too.

I used to love playing PuzzLoop in the arcade and this is a pretty good alternative, though just not quite the same.
8 years ago#4
What are the quests? I see the challenges (I'm stuck on 19-B) but I don't see the quests.

I still have only the original four marble designs. You now have a total of eight marble designs?

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