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8 years ago#1

Well, this game seems to be going great. Here are some thigns I hope for.

A great story the previous one wasn't too good and the first was okay. I really want this to be similar to my favorite Rockman game 4 Blue Moon. I think it was the best EXE game ever. Tone down on the transforamtions. This should only have 1 version, and have the features to play as other people. Maybe a transformation would be nice.

What do you guys hope for?

I really want Rockman to come back at the top, where it belongs

8 years ago#2
If I remember correctly EXE 4 had tournaments which would be kind of tough on the Ryusei series. However, if you're talking about the having to do the game several times in order to get to the super final boss(I.E. Ra-Mu X-Alpha), then no way. I'd rather have a decent lengthed story, but with a longer post-story place.
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8 years ago#3
Well, EXE 4 was the best EXE game for me, but this game seems to be going twoards the dark path hmmm. Arghh! just make it good CAPCOM!

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