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7 years ago#11
How exactly do you port between games? i have a whole batch of codes, but they're all for the japanese game. i want to switch them over to the US version. also, everyone in this topic, says theres codes for theUS version, but i don't see any(im not doubting, im just sayin, show us the codes.) dont mean to be rude, but i just want to cheat.
7 years ago#12
Okay let me show you something.

SSB ALREADY stated that the difference between Japanese and English Starforce Codes is 00006040. That ALONE is enough to figure it out on your own, but obviously people roaming these boards "vets" and noobs alike don't understand simple math.

For instance.

120F3408 00002D00 <--- Base HP 1000 (JP)

120F9448 00002D00 <--- Base HP 1000 (US)

What's the difference? Freaking SIX-ZERO-FOUR-ZERO.

In Hexidecimal, if you take the first line of 120F3408 and add 00006040, you come out with 120F9448.

DONE. It's ported. The Calculator on the computer can do that for you.

Jesus people, if you all want the damn codes THAT bad, then port them.

Now here's something else that I have stated, MANY times.

120F9468 00002D00 <--- Base HP 1000 Red Joker (US)

120F9448 00002D00 <--- Base HP 1000 Black Ace (US)

See the difference? It's 00000020. That's IT. That's the difference between versions. ANYONE with a MINIMAL amount of grip on mathematics can figure this out.

So you wanted me to show you the codes? There. You no longer have any reason to doubt.

"Sorry, but I'd find what I need and escape the Dawn of the Stupid." - SoloAce
Ryuusei no Rockman 3 Black Ace FC - 1376 0624 7330
7 years ago#13
ah. thank you superzero. if i caused offense, or upset you guys, i didnt mean to. im just a bit impatient. so, i just have to add the 00006040, to any code? do i have to add them to a certain line or do i add the too all of of the lines?
7 years ago#14
dont mean to double post, but its just the first line correct?
7 years ago#15
No offense taken, it's very late here and I'm irritable. If I come off as seeming pissy, that's why.

As for your question, that's where it gets hard. Avoid any Activator lines.

AKA any lines that start with 94000130 XXXXXXXX, those shouldnt' be touched.

Lines after that, only the first of the pair XXXXXXXX YYYYYYYY Only X's should be added to.

I suggest testing on an emulator and backing up saves. Not all codes will work, like the Ability Waves which is STILL not working for me.

But most, you just add to it.

If you want the Red Joker equivilance, just add the 00000020.
"Sorry, but I'd find what I need and escape the Dawn of the Stupid." - SoloAce
Ryuusei no Rockman 3 Black Ace FC - 1376 0624 7330
7 years ago#16
gotcha. thanks a million superzero. ima try to start porting the codes, and hope they'll be done in the morning. you should go to sleep now, since it is pretty late.
7 years ago#17
No problem. I'll be roaming around for a bit longer until my girlfriend forces me to go lay down with her, so if you end up having questions I'll probably be here.
"Sorry, but I'd find what I need and escape the Dawn of the Stupid." - SoloAce
Ryuusei no Rockman 3 Black Ace FC - 1376 0624 7330
7 years ago#18
ahahahahaha! nice. so other than the activator lines, i just add 00006040 to the first line?
7 years ago#19
dude why would your gf have to force you to lay down with her? hmm computer with a bunch of words and people talking about a game or, your hot gf waiting for you in bed...
7 years ago#20
hard to tell, but i think its both O.o anyways, im trying to learn how to port codes, so then by morning tommorow or afternoon, you will all have US codes for Black Ace. Red joker would be simple to make codes for because of the 1 number difference, but eh....

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