Cervos' Guide to Illegal Data Acquisition

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I got bored, so I decided to type up a topic. a Sticky would be nice, I suppose, if it's good enough.

What is Illegal Data Acquisition?

Illegal Data Acquisition, otherwise called "IDA" is defeating enemies with high levels of noise. With this tactic, you'll gain things you wouldn't get from the virus otherwise. Read more to find out.

What will IDA give you?

IDA can give you any number of things. This can include Regular Standard and Mega Cards, aswell as "Noise Frags". However, this also includes "Illegal Cards", which are otherwise known as Secret cards. They are not listed in your library ever, and are, more often then not, cards that have been recycled from previous games. This includes Standard cards like Puffblast or Vulcan Seed, or Mega Cards of every boss that existed in previous games, like Libra Scales or Yeti Blizzard.

Aswell as this, there are also Illegal Giga Cards, many of which are recycled from previous games, along with 2 Gigas involving Jack Corvus and Queen Virgo respectively. Don't forget the Notorious and sought after X cards. Just about the only thing you cannot get is Zenny and HP recovery.

The Noise Gauge

First off, and most importantly, you need to get far enough into the game where A.C.Eos gives you the Ace/Joker Program, depending on your version. They do the same thing, however, and give you the Noise Gauge. It can be equipped at your whim once you get your first Noise Change.

Raising Noise

An important part of IDA. Noise Raising follows two rules, though in both cases, only Non Elemental, Non Dimming Cards will work. Cards with an Attribute, like Sword, Wind, or Break, still apply, assuming the card has a non-elemental...element.

For Viruses, scoring overkill will gain you that amount of noise. Example, Sword does 80 damage. A Mettenna has 20 HP left. Killing it with your Sword will give you 60% Noise.

For Bosses, half of the damage you do with a card will equate to that much noise. Again, Sword does 80 damage. Hitting Spade Magnes with it, for example, will give you 40% Noise. Multi-hit cards will give you even more. Sword Fighter 1 does 3 hits for 50 damage each. Thus, you would get 75% noise if all 3 hits connect.

Unimportant, so I will not cover.

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Rules of IDA
Despite being Illegal, there are a few rules to getting it. They are as follows.

Single IDA->
100% Noise or Higher
If you complete a battle with at least 100% noise, you will get 1 IDA, regardless of rank, S rank, 1 Rank, you name it.

Double IDA->
200-299% Noise with an S rank
If you complete a battle with a noise level between 200 and 299%, AND Get an S rank, you will get 2 IDAs. Getting a 10 Rank will only give you 1 IDA, remember that.

Triple IDA->
300%+ Noise with an S rank
If you complete a battle with a noise level that is 300% or higher AND you get an S rank, you will get 3 IDAs. Getting a 10 rank or lower will only give you 1 IDA, regardless if you have 300 or 999.9% noise.

Fighting a V1 or V2 Boss
Regardless of what you should be getting, you will only get 1 Card, and it will be the corresponding card. V1 bosses will give you V1 Cards. V2 Bosses will give you V1 or V2 depending on your rank.

Fighting a V3 Boss
V3 Bosses are where you can get Illegal Giga Cards. You're also more likely to get Mega X cards.

Fighting an R Boss
For some reason, R bosses don't seem to give out fancy stuff like V3 bosses. IDAing them gives you stuff a Virus IDA would.

Omega and Sigma Bosses
I haven't had particular experience with either, so any details would be welcome.

Using Zenny or Card Finder
Regardless of what you should be getting, you will get either 1 Zenny 'card', or 1 LEGAL Data, depending on which weapon you have equipped. Fighting Metenna 3's will give you nothing but Grand Wave 3's, even if you fill the requisite for Triple IDA. Kind of Necessary if you want to get those V3 cards from Bosses.

(probably) Commonly Asked Questions

What are X Cards? Are they "Dark" Cards?

Absolutely not. Well, aside from their Color Palette. Think of X Cards as the "V4" of a Card, nothing more. Well, aside from the fact that they're always considered Illegal by Library standards. They're treated like regular cards otherwise. You can have 5 of a Standard X Card in your Folder if you want, and in fact, it's suggested. You can only have one copy of a particular Mega X card, though, as per regular rules.

Is there a difference between Triple IDA of 300%, or 999.9% Noise?

Well, not really, but it's generally accepted that you'll get better IDA from Maxed out noise levels than minimal.

I can't seem to S Rank these Viruses despite me deleting them all in one shot!

There are a few rules on S ranking viruses. In groups of 3, a simple "Triple Delete" will get you an S rank without problems. However, in groups of 2, they're a bit tricky. You have to score a Double Delete, which will normally only give you a 10 rank at best, AND a Counter attack at the same time. This will give you an S rank. I'm not sure if you can really S Rank single virus battles, which are normally against Noise Viruses or Omega-xis copies.

Aaaand, done. Feel free to contribute anything you want, assuming it's helpful. Strategies, preferred bosses, the like.
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good guide. I miss mine T.T
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Really? Thanks. Also, despite me requesting a Sticky, I actually have no idea how to do it. Someone inform me!
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From: Cervosi | #004
Really? Thanks. Also, despite me requesting a Sticky, I actually have no idea how to do it. Someone inform me!

Hit messge detail on the first post,and request sticky should be at the bottom.
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I was wondering why my GeminSprkV3 chip didn't show in the library.

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Yeah, Gemini Spark is Illegal. In fact, the following Boss Cards are Illegal:

Libra Scales
Queen Ophiuca
Gemini Spark
Cancer Bubble
Crown Thunder
Yeti Blizzard
Plesio Surf
Terra Condor
General Auriga

That includes V1, V2, V3, and X cards. Of course, EVERY X card is illegal.

Oddly enough, despite being illegal, They're set in a specific place in your bag, therefor, I'm tempted for someone to make an "Illegal Library" list. I'm too lazy myself.
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I have noticed that the Illegal cards show up highlghted in blue in the bag thing.

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Uh, dude, the game tells you that.
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Yes they do. I also forgot to note that Cards that are in your standard library that you get via IDA will be illegal until you fight the enemy for them. Thus, if you get GrandWave 3 from IDA, but you haven't fought one yet, it will be Illegal, and thus, unregistered into your library, until you fight one, OR get it through card traders. I think.
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