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4 years ago#1
Location: Hidden Area

When I am finished….everyone shall be happy. Everything will be united together for an era of peace. No violence, no unnecessary deaths, no evil. No one will be sad, ever again…

In the darkness of a secluded area, save for the light that illuminated from the moon, a man paces back and forth throughout the enclosed area, going on throughout a rant as he imagined his ideal world; one where everyone would live in peace, under the protection of an organization.

The man was dressed in a dark navy blue tuxedo with a red tie. His outfit choice had complimented his light brown hair, which was neatly combed. He also had a cup of tea in his right hand, heated and poured to perfection. Just how he liked it.

His world would be one with no form of evil in it. Under the banner of this one, organization. This one legion. Everything….

“WARNING. INTURDER ALERT. WARNING. INTURDER ALERT.” Came the screech of the alarm, as it rang throughout the room. The man turned towards the door with a small smile on his face.

“It seems those unwanted guests have arrived…” he cackled out to himself, grabbing a nearby rapier from the wall. As he got his weapon ready, the door violently exploded, and four humans, 3 males and a female stood at the doorway.

The mystery man gave off a small chuckle at the sight of his attackers. “Ah, you sure took your sweet time, balancer. I take it you are here to try and kill me? Because normally, people who wished to visit me wouldn’t destroy my door like you ruffians would…”
The man who had been called the balancer was dressed in a light gray tee, a gray vest hooked to a harness, and dark gray pants. He was also wearing long tipless black gloves, with white jewels on the top of them. His chocolate brown hair accompanied his gray eyes. He scoffed at the statement the mystery man had said.

“Dude, your ideal world is one where no one presumably has any personality. If we had no personality, we’d all be Lemmings or something. No one wants that.”

The mystery man chuckled. “So simple minded. Comes with being a young child, I suppose…” he replied, his tone with a scent of sarcasm.

The balancer responded by sticking his tongue out at him. “Hey, here’s an idea. How about we just kick your ass, and then you run away while banging your fist out and declaring “I shall have my revenge!!!” or something stupid like that. I dunno, that’s how it is with the bad guys, right?”

“Bad guys…? No…” the man replied, getting the rapier ready. He then charged towards the group, crying out, “…You are the bad guys!”
The post above is either the truth or a special form of Internet Sarcasm.
Either way, it's just a post.
4 years ago#2
As he charged the group of humans, the balancer responded by roundhouse kicking him in the chest, causing him to fall back a considerably distance. The man frowned as the group begun to run towards him.

The man quickly responded by calling fourth some of his magic; he made some hand motions and created wave of wind towards the group, causing 3 of them to fly into the bookshelf in the corner, with the exception of the balancer, who seemed to keep his footing.

The balancer smiled at him. “Come on, you think wind’s gonna work on me? I’m an Earth user! That was a nice breeze, though. I’ll give you a C- for effort.”
“Quiet, you brat!”

“Hey! I’m not a brat! I’m almost 21! Few more months, and I can drink! Legally!” the balancer quickly spat back, sticking his tongue out again.

The man responded to this by charging towards him again, but this time the balancer was ready for him; he quickly drew his sword from his back, and swung a wave of light at the man, causing him to fly out of the window. He yelled out angrily as he flew out of the window, towards his death.

As the yelling died out, the group of people walked towards the broken window, all of them giving looks of disappointment. As they scanned the area for his body, the balancer spoke up again.
“Great….well, come on, team. We’d better go see if we can find his body…”

--- Later ---
The group searched below near were the mystery man had fallen. So far the implications had been far from pleasant; there happened to be many sharp, pointed rocks down here, as was the ocean. He could have easily died from the fall.

The answer came after a while, when the black haired male called out, signaling that he had found the boy in question.

The body had a crash course with the rocks; his body was impaled by the rocks, with blood dripping out of his lifeless body.

The balancer sighed and shook his head, while the blonde haired female placed a hand on his shoulder. She spoke up.

“Try not to think about it too hard, Devon. He was technically evil, after all. We should report to HQ that his death was completely unintentional and that we at least have his base under control.” She stated with a relaxing tone.

Devon glanced at her. “Yeah, guess you’re right. I just…” he placed two fingers on his forehead, thinking for a moment, then spoke up again. “…something tells me we won’t be seeing the last of him. Just this feeling I got, I dunno.”

The woman nodded, then begun placed her hand on her ear in order to communicate with HQ to report their status. As she reported the mission status to HQ, Devon glanced at the body once more.

“Sheesh. Weird guy. Wanting to create a perfect world under an organization. Or was it a legion…? Eh, whatever. Mission’s done. Hopefully we won’t see him again…”

Finishing his thoughts, Devon walked away, having some trouble taking his eyes off the body. Perhaps, this was the last time they would see him…
--- ??? ---
I….can’t die….yet….

End Prologue
Word Count: 1,012
The post above is either the truth or a special form of Internet Sarcasm.
Either way, it's just a post.
4 years ago#3
I must say, your writing is better this time.

Very nice.
4 years ago#4
Now we wait until the actual Chapter 1 is posted.
4 years ago#5
GreenMegaman posted...
Now we wait until the actual Chapter 1 is posted.


I will wait patiently.
4 years ago#6
Interesting points for the readers time:

1. If you have suggestions for scenarios, feel free to message me with your suggestions. If I like them, I'll use them.

2. If you want to REALLY help out with the story, ask. Help is always appreciated. Also that way you can find out about super scert plot points early lol

3. I am reopening the pairing polls. This time if you have a suggestion for a pairing say so. Just to start you out, we are using Geo/Loona and Geo/Sunya as base points.
The post above is either the truth or a special form of Internet Sarcasm.
Either way, it's just a post.
4 years ago#7
Just ignore the pairings and leave Geo undecided.
4 years ago#8

I wish to see what the fans want
The post above is either the truth or a special form of Internet Sarcasm.
Either way, it's just a post.
4 years ago#9
GrayZStarr posted...

I wish to see what the fans want


Also I dunno but that was a horrible death for him but whatever. This time the story is promising good moments. :)
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4 years ago#10
You think he is dead?

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