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4 years ago#121
Keep your eyes on the "Take That's" and References to Megaman

Chapter 7: The joy of twins

Once the Black Widow had fled with the mystery man, the party had gathered about, wondering who had just bailed out Minerva. While they had been gathering thoughts, a voice came speaking in a childish tone, as someone was walking alongside an annoyed looking Devon.

“…and then, he went all about, making a “WOOOOSH” sound, grabbing and hitting his enemy multiple times, and then he taunted in such a badass tone that it made me go “OOOOOH!” and whenever I make that tone it’s because I know my hero the Steel Samurai has done something bada---“

He was cut off by Devon putting a finger to his mouth. “Yeah, yeah. Uh huh.” He replied in a sarcastic tone. “Hey, HERE’s something. I don’t give a sh---“

Devon was cut off by Geo calling his name, causing him to glance at his teammates. After reaching the two, Geo spoke up again. “How’d it go with rescuing the civilians?”

"Eh.” Devon shrugged. “Well, I guess. This….ugh…kid…insisted on helping…and now I can’t get him to go away…” he continued in an annoyed tone.

Thiago stuck his tongue out. “Hey! Miau you! I’m 14! That’s not a kid’s age!”

“You’re barely half my age, so that makes you a kid, kid.” Devon replied in a deadpan tone. “Now stop talking, the responsible kids and adults are talking.”

After finishing his sentence, he turned towards Geo, who had a questionable look on his face. “Oh…this is that guy that uses that weird word…”

“Yep! And it’s not weird. My name is Thiago! Nice to meet you!” he replied, giving off a very excited look on his face. While the look can be complicated to get down in real life, the easiest way for this author to describe it would be as so:

“Like this. ^_^.”

Geo scratched the back of his head and went to introducing Thiago to the rest of his friends, each of which had similar reactions to meeting him…until he reached Sonia. Speaking of Sonia…

“Oooooh! I know you! You’re the famous singer! I listen to your songs all of the time!” Thiago stated out, his eyes getting all sparkly. Sonia gave off a flush of embarrassment, and…scratched that back of her head as well. That was really the only thing she could do in this given situation. Thiago continued.

“I have all of your records, and my personal favorite piece is that one where you sing “LA” a lot. You’re prudy!” he finished.
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4 years ago#122
In a vain, vain attempt to make this less awkward for herself (especially considering very few people liked the song that consisted of nothing but “La’s” and called it lazy writing to avoid a personal scene), Sonia quickly replied, “Uh, right! What are you doing here, anyway?”

“Miau! I’m here with my brother!” Thiago exclaimed in response, pointing over to a corner where a boy the same age as Thiago was hiding. He had tall and long orange-red hair, and was wearing a brown jacket, with a white tee inside, a pair of dark blue jeans, and short shoes. Upon the others noticing him, he sheepishly walked over towards them.

Upon reaching the group, he bowed graciously and stated out, “Thank you for helping us…” in a silent shy tone.

Devon scratched the back of his head. “Huh… how were we supposed to know someone was hiding in that area that looks exactly the same as most of the rest of the airport? It’s like crazy programing that wants the player to search every inch of the area to ensure they find something.”

“Uh….I hid when the alarms started going off…” the boy replied quietly.

“Quiet, I’m being meta here.” Devon replied back, with a smug tone in his voice. The boy blinked, then Geo spoke up. “My name’s Geo. What’s yours?”

“Michael…Thiago is my brother. I heard all of your names earlier from when you guys were introducing each other…” he stated fairly silently. His face then went from “fairly shy” to “annoyed” in a flash, as he glanced at his brother.

“Course, I would have liked it if he, you know. Didn’t go off and try to do something stupid like that!” his tone changed with his face, now he had sounded annoyed.

Thiago stuck his tongue out again. “I’ll have you know I was ENTIRELY prepared for that! Miau!”

“And could you STOP doing that!”

“Miau you!”

“Stop it!”

As the twins kept arguing, Lila snuck up on both of them, and knocked them both out with a hammer arm. Non lethally, of course.

Gaaaahhh….you two are nothing like my sons. They’re also twins, but at least they got along.” For some bizarre reason (at least to the others), Devon chuckled at this.

Bud chipped in, perhaps wanting to get a line in before the chapter ended. “Ace might want to see these two. Something’s kinda…uh…off about them.”

Pat added in to Bud’s sentence. “That honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea… uh, this Ace is a good guy, right?”

Geo nodded at both of them, and then motioned the others to follow him to WAZA. Devon grabbed both of the boy’s KO’d bodies, and walked up to Geo.

“Hey, Geo. What’s a Steel Samurai?”

Geo frowned. “It’s a franchise that’s currently on the brink of death because it’s main producer left out of digest for his company, Gabcom, and hasn’t gotten anything new for two years.” Geo replied. He sighed, then continued.

“It’s a shame too. It was a really decent magna and game too…but nowadays it’s more or less dead.”

Devon blinked, then replied, “Sounds pleasant.” As the group continued to walk off…

End Chapter
Word Count: 929
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4 years ago#123
FinalFlames posted...
Black hair and brown eyes. Black Jacket. Sorry bout that.
Does this unit have a soul?
4 years ago#124
When does my character appear...or did he not make the cut?
"From the other room, a man shifted his rifle, locked on, and pulled the trigger...there was a sound of thunder."
4 years ago#125
You show up later
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4 years ago#126
Cool, thank you.
"From the other room, a man shifted his rifle, locked on, and pulled the trigger...there was a sound of thunder."
4 years ago#127
....MUCH later.

Due to the way I rewrote the plot.
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4 years ago#128
What about Aidan and is he somewhat useful?
4 years ago#129
He shows up in 2-3 more chapters

Next is schooled

Then is omfg

Then Aidan fights Devon 1 on 1 while eo and at fight omfg
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4 years ago#130
Chapter 8: Educating the kiddies

A few weeks had passed since the incident at the airport; despite the efforts of the heroes, some people had been far too wounded in the plane crash and had died.

While this had done some damage on the group morel, Devon managed to convince the group that this was unavoidable since it had been unexpected, and to be thankful that Sonia and Pat were not among those who had perished in the crash.

Speaking of Sonia and Pat, the pair had been properly introduced to Devon and Lila, been filled in on the situation, and recruited by Ace to assist with the effort against the UL. The twins, Michael and Thiago, on the other hand, had lacked anything to show that they could properly help against the Legion. While this got some interjections; Geo remarked he got a strange reading from them when he saw the twins through his visualizer, they both had unusual EM readings upon being scanned at WAZA, and Devon stated that he sensed something strange about them. It turns out, that both of them had pseudo Wizards in the both of them, enabling free Wave-changing without any visible aid, but it still did not explain the strange thing that Devon had sensed.

In the end they still were not credible enough to assist the effort. In a sign of good faith, Devon offered to train the two of them to see if they had anything going and to prove that they weren’t a liability. We now join him as he trains the boys.

--- WAZA front entrance, outside ---

Devon smiled as his initiates walked up to him, transformed and armed with their weapons; a bunch of what appeared to be old school weaponry for Michael, and a katana for Thiago.
Of course, their definition of “transformed” for the both of them meant, “having jumpsuits underneath their regular clothes”, along with some pieces of what appeared to be armor. Mostly black for Thiago, and white and red for Michael.

Despite that, in his own words, “looked questionable”, Devon swallowed his initial annoyance and spoke in a firm tone. “All right, time to see what you kiddies can do.”

He smiled confidently at both of them. “Attack me. One at a time. Don’t hold back, try to harm me.”

The twins exchanged glances at each other, and then Thiago charged at him, katana in both hands, swinging at random, trying to land a blow.

Devon dodged them quite easily; Thiago going all offense without thinking made it easy for him to dodge the blows without much effort. After around five or so slices, Devon saw his opening; he drew his survival knife from his belt backhanded, and swiped at Thiago’s katana using a quick swing of left hand. The katana flew out of the way and landed in the corner. Devon smiled as Thiago looked completely shocked.

“Too predictable. You don’t just rush at someone without thinking, that’ll just lead to sloppy mistakes. You need to both think about your next move, but not do it too hard; thinking too hard in a battle can lead to getting distracted by your own thoughts.” Devon told him, his tone coated with disappointment.
The post above is either the truth or a special form of Internet Sarcasm.
Either way, it's just a post.

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