Nifty Variant, Tricks, Tinker Products & Achievement Checklist - Part 1

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thanks for this and

this should be stickied.

yeah, well, you know, that's just like...uhh...your opinion man
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I'm new to these boards... What's "stickied"?

If it means posted to the site, the SECOND submission is still pending. The first was rejected because they didn't like the format. We'll see what happens!

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stickied pretty much means the admins have put a pin in the topic which will keep it available at the top of the first page. if you're new here, i don't think you can make that request that yet.

yeah, well, you know, that's just like...uhh...your opinion man
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Aaaahhhh. I see. Well, I'd have to agree with you then. Because I think it answers about 40% of the questions I've seen here! LOL I am new though, only 48 hours so I don't think I can make that happen yet. Thanks for the info though!

~ Gypseerose
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Thanks for all the info, realy going to help me when I play tonight. By the way I am only a level 24 I think but are there any ways to earn money easier or quickly. Thanks : )
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Check out all the posts on wishing well from yesterday. I got one last night and my cc went from like 30,000 to 300,000 in 20 minutes!

You get it by going to the start menu and naming a new garden "piņata people".

This will unlock the view credits option on the start menu. Go there and smash all the piņatas and view the credits.

Then you'll get a message that it's available in Costalots store. Buy that and two Lanters 'o Loot and you'll be all set!

~ Gypseerose
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Thanks very very much.
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Hey is there anychance you can email a copy to me?
If your busy its not a problem, and also can i have your permission to link it to another site...xbox360achievements??
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Huh, nice. I have the guidebook, and it still doesn't tell you anything. Kinda crappy. Do you happen to know why I can't the achievement called "restore all Pinata's Computer Records" I mean, I have gotten every pinata, including all the flutterscotch variants, and I have completed all the Regional Challenges. I don't know what else to do. Also my Dragonache won't mature even though I have fed him everything he needs 9 times over. I don't understand what is wrong with this game.
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I fed a White Flutterscotch a buttercup and it turned yellow... Not sure if there is more than one way to acquire a variant or not...
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