Can someone explain to me ow to make pinatas stay babies?

#1KahganPosted 4/4/2009 9:28:28 AM
I am currently trying to get the sarsgorilla..... For the visit i need a baby bonboon... how do i get my bonboon to stay as a baby?!!?!?!?!? Please Help me!
#2reklaw_vahnPosted 4/4/2009 10:28:16 AM
Ok, there are two things I will address...the first is how to make your pinatas "look" like babies, the second is a sure fire method to get your Sarsgorilla to visit.

First, to get your pinatas to stay their "baby" size you will watch the baby pinata that you want to stay small very closely, much like you would to get a Twingersnap or Fourheads from the bouncing egg. The moment the pinata starts to cocoon you will hit it with the trick stick. If the pinata cocoon starts to grow bigger from its initial size then it is too late. However, there is something special about the baby size. Even though the pinata is the size of a baby it is an adult in every other aspect. Another words the game will recognize that pinata as an adult in every thing from squishing pinatas that would be smaller than the adult size to being able to romance the baby sized pinata. That includes getting a Sarsgorilla to visit. The "baby" sized pinata will be an adult and as a result the Sarsgorilla will not visit.

To get a Sarsgorilla to visit in an easy fashion, all you need to do is get a Cluckles. Then get a Bonboon egg by romancing your Bonboons. You will then hold the egg by picking it up. The egg will never hatch this way unless you put it back down. Wait until the Sarsgorilla is on the edge of your garden and then put the egg down and have the Cluckles hatch it. If it is close to night then the Sarsgorilla may still leave before you get the visit award but you can just rinse, wash and repeat the next day. I guarantee that this will work on your first to second try.

Good luck.
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#3asrttyoxoPosted 4/4/2009 3:28:48 PM
Better method:

Mate your Bonboons
Buy a crate
Hatch the Bonboon egg
Pack the crate with the baby Bonboon but do NOT send it
The baby Bonboon will stop in his tracks and never move
Cancel out of the crate packing and make sure the baby has the crate emblem over his head
Wait for the Sarsgorilla to come in and become a resident.
#4reklaw_vahnPosted 4/4/2009 7:49:04 PM
Wow, I have never heard of that method before. That is pretty cool. TC, you should just use the previously stated method. But the explanation of how the "baby" size works is still the only way. Good luck with your Sarsgorilla.
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