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7 years ago#1
I had shelved this game awhile back and pulled it out while redoing the entertainment area and gave it to my wife to try. Now shes as addicted as I used to be and wont stop playing it when im gone. She wants a Kitty Floss so she can get the dog, i guess you need one to get the other. She has all 3 of the animals the kat wants and has fed it them and I belive the milk.

Now whenever the cat visits it has all its requirements checked off but it wont actually come into the garden and be a resident. Is there a certain type of grass or something else it needs that shes just not seeing? its been far to long since I played this to be able to help her out. Also if it matters she glitched petser so he just sits there making noises, does that cause you to not be able to get certain animals anymore? She took the fence down so we figured they would still be able to come in. Any advice would be much appreciated, its really starting to piss her off she can't get it.
7 years ago#2
A common misconception people have is that once you meet the appear/visit requirements for a pinata that it will always come back. You are correct in that the pinata, once in the garden, should become a resident after the residential requirements are met. However, you also need to maintain the appear and visit requirements. For example, since this is the one you are having trouble with:

Kittyfloss-Base value:1500
Appear requirements:
Night-time in the garden
Have 2 mousemallows resident in the garden

Visit requirements:
You have 3 mousemallows resident in the garden
Have 1 bottle of milk in the garden

Resident requirements:
Has eaten 1 mousemallow
Has eaten 1 sparrowmint
Has drunk 1 bottle of milk

We see from above that you need to have 3 mousemallows that are residents and a bottle of milk for the kittyfloss to even visit. Once the Kittyfloss eats one mousemallow, a resident requirement, you would then only have 2 mousemallows left. Hence, you no longer meet the visit requirements. So, you need to make sure that the appear and visit requirements are always upheld to also get that pinata to come into your garden.

I hope this helps and good luck.
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7 years ago#3
Alright that makes sense, I did get the kittyfloss in my garden and now she has them to. I guess we share stuff across the game. That works out well, now She is having trouble with the tiger. She has all the requirements met to get him in the garden, atleast to my knowledge.

The lion is walking around and he says the garden is worth enough for him to enter so I assume its good enough for the tiger. She has 12 of the flowers he needs to apear and they are all full grown. All he needs now is a buzzlegum as he already ate 2 mooses and the zebra. She has like 5 buzzles hanging out in there. Is there another hidden requirement or something? He literally just ate the other animals then left because we forgot about the bee. Now that we have the bee he wont come back in.
7 years ago#4
She just texted me she got the tiger, I guess it was just fickle or something. Thanks for the info, I'll pass it along to her. I think we both assumed once we met the first requiremnt it was all good.
7 years ago#5
Also keep in mind that if your garden starts to get full that can become an issue and even though you will have everything met, the pinata may not come back. You see, the game is coded to have a "queue" or wait-list. If your garden is getting full to the point that no more pinatas will appear then they get put in the queue and once there is space available they will reappear. So if you are having problems getting a pinata to re-appear then make sure the requirements are met and then clear out some space if you can.

It always works to start a new garden and just send the pinatas and items to yourself and then open up the crates in the new garden so that there isn't a queue.

Good luck with your gardening.
All men are created equal by one being, it's your choice to Believe....
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