Doodlebob is so vulgar even doodlepatrick is better

#1luneth22Posted 9/27/2008 12:45:49 AM
he speaks expletives. At least doodlepatrick bothered with "geeky nerd" language
#2orangedahliaPosted 9/29/2008 4:59:59 PM
Right, I don't have this game yet, but even so, I can pretty much assure you there are no "expletives" in a Nickeloden-funded game. Unless you have a warped, puritanical, fundie idea of cursing, wherein "butt" is an evil word of satan, but then, if Spongebob is too hardcore for you, sweetie, I highly suggest you just stick to Candyland.
#3DarkNight11Posted 9/30/2008 9:55:54 AM
Anyone questioning SpongeBob's sexuality has something to hide themselves.
#4dacheatcodePosted 9/30/2008 12:44:04 PM
This topic made me remember how downhill the spongebob series is going, and how Nick thinks Patricks butt crack is funny.
wtf, how am i and idiot?????~~chunkithunder
#5Interviewer111Posted 10/4/2008 2:03:07 PM
Sorry, but Patrick's butt crack IS funny!