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7 years ago#1
Bikini Bottom
Lvl 1
1 - Punch Patrick's rock and it will lift
2 - In part where you have to press a button to get the wood float to float down the goo (button is to right), there is a little ledge you can jump to on the left of the goo (without the floats). Go in there and go left
Lvl 2
3 - Near the beginning there is a pipe sticking out of the ground on the right right of the screen. Jump in it.
4 - Climb up the crates and drop in the "Food" trailer
7 years ago#2
Zim's Town
Lvl 1
1 - Playground, jump on the floating rock next to the lady you save and you float out to a trophy
2 - After floating up the pipe to the surface again, punch the truck behind the monster generator
7 years ago#3
Amity Park
Lvl 2
3 - On top of roof with collapsing antenna, punch open door to roof access (there's a crack in it)
4 - When you're jumping across the goo back and forth, you'll see it above you at first. Follow the trail and you'll end up above it and jump back down to get it.
7 years ago#4
Lvl 1
1 - After the ferris wheel, there is a stack of haybales on your left with chickens behind them (In the "Petting Zoo"). Punch through the hay, then punch all the chickens.
2 - Right after you see Carl trapped in the goo, there's a big globe thing to your right and you can see some platforms in the goo on the other side. Jump over to them and turn to your righ (looking back the way you came). You'll the trophy.
7 years ago#5
Lvl 2
3 - Look for a garage on the right with a cracked door. Punch through the door.
4 - Smash the sundae on top of the Candy Bar at the end of the level.
7 years ago#6
Lvl 1
1 - Before the last bridge, you'll see a lower platform to the left of the far side of the bridge. Before you cross the bridge, you need to drop down over the side. There's a platform there that leads to the first trophy.
2 - Destroy the monster generator in the cave after the last bridge, then take the trampoline to the ledge to the left with a pot. That's a little cave with a trophy.
7 years ago#7
How do you get the trophy that appears in the first level of Danny's world where you have to go after the Ghost Dog as I got the one that was near the exit of the level of Danny's house.
7 years ago#8
The other one is at the school. Don't head immediately into the schoolyard, head right from its entrance and climb the vines.
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