Pupununu Trophies

#1megareeferPosted 12/1/2009 4:18:50 AM
Here's the location of the trophies in Pupununu:

Level 1
* Just after the village, you enter a cave. When you exit it, you'll walk for a while and get to a small bridge. Just before that bridge there's a lower platform on the right. Get down there to collect your trophy.
* Cross that small bridge and you'll get to a cave where there is one of those monsters that when destroyed become a jumping platform. Jump there but instead of going towards the exit of the tunnel, jump to the left to an alcove up there. Your trophy is there.

Level 2
* About the half of the level you'll get to an open area with a circular path and two yellow buttons. Activating both buttons will rise two platforms that allows you to a statue (with blue eyes) and a green button that opens a door. Press the button again (two or three times) and the statue will turn revealing the trophy hidden behind it.
* After the statue you'll get to a corridor with blowing faces. Half-way to the end there is a path to the left. Go there to collect your trophy.
#2pashmina626Posted 12/4/2009 7:53:59 AM

Would anyone know the locations of all the trophies with every level of the game?

I should mention that I'm in Zim's levels now and that I'm playing the PS2 version.