Why I want to punch my general manager

#1DandrielPosted 3/8/2009 7:27:57 AM
In my first season in MLB life mode, I'm bouncing back and forth with the Cleveland Indians, from MLB to AAA. That's not what makes me want to punch the GM.

I've seen several threads about weird trades on here, but all of them seem to be closed, so I'm starting this one up.

The Indians trade CC Sabathia, who currently has over 150 strikeouts on June 16th (Holy crap, he's leading the majors by 40+) to the Dodgers for Andruw Jones, straight up. Jones is batting around .275, and isn't anywhere NEAR the league leaders in any category.

Sabathia is beyond being the best pitcher on the team; he's the most reliable, especially given our team's bullpen woes. (We blow a TON of games thanks to them.) So now, thanks to the idiot GM, I'm not riding the pine for a division contender, I'm riding the pine for a team that is an outside shot to make it via the wildcard.

The trade happened while we were only 4.5 games out of first place. I suppose maybe some AI came up with the fact that Sabathia would be a free agent, and therefore a logical trade candidate, but it didn't really address much in the way of need, even though Sizemore's not producing offensively what they need him to.


So, anyone else currently suffering because of stupid moves made by their GM?
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#2DarthKalakPosted 3/9/2009 12:51:39 PM
In your first season, your team will only be a contender if it was in 2007. In the second-season, your team will some unbeliavble trades/FA signings and you'll become a championship contender.
#3Dandriel(Topic Creator)Posted 3/9/2009 2:49:35 PM
I'm on the Indians. In 2007, they were one win away from the World Series. I'd call them contenders.

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#4TheGutsyBatPosted 3/19/2009 1:53:55 PM
Yeah, there are some huge managerial and trade blunders in this game that really don't make sense to me. I have a second baseman on the Twins who is basically carrying the offense. I play on Expert difficulty with no pitching cursor because I enjoy the challenge and have found that this is the only true way to get realistic stats. I won AL Rookie of the Year and started the All-Star game. As we got closer to the trade deadline, our team traded Joe Nathan and Brendan Harris to the Nationals for one prospect. Then they also dumped Fransisco Liriano and Nick Punto on the Reds for Aaron Harang.

Those moves essentially took us out of contention. Then in the offseason, we made ZERO moves to help fill the voids that were left with those horrible trades. Delmon Young, Carlos Gomez both finished the season batting under .220. Justin Morneau only hit .268, but did have 29 homers. Joe Mauer and I have both held steady in our new season. Right now I'm batting .330 with 10 homers, 19 steals, and 51 RBIs and we're near the All-Star Break.

I've found that it's even harder to be successful with a pitcher. I made a starter for the Pirates who led the league in ERA for six straight seasons, but never once finished with more than 12 wins because my team NEVER gave me any run support. It's terrible that you can never make a mistake because your team doesn't have the ability to make up one run. It didn't make sense to me that my team led the Majors in runs in three of those seasons, but I only got about two and a half runs per game.
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#5punisher222Posted 4/15/2009 7:16:53 PM
I hat my gm too After having A great year ( batted over 315,31HR, 108RBI in my second year) while playing rightfield he sings bobby abreu who had a terrible year and moves me too 1st base. Now thats not hat bad except for the fact that I am platooning with DElGADO and they keep on subsituting me for him.
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