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8 years ago#1
So I just caught Giratina

For some reason after I went out of the Torn World to check my catch
He turned back into normal form. I thought it would be in Origin Form.

Any who, after that what do I do?

I still haven't got my 8th badge because the fat person won't let me through.

What do I do? and where do I get Waterfall.
No Fat Chicks
8 years ago#2
In order for Giratina to stay in it's origin form, you need the Platinum Orb. And you need to talk to Rowan in Oreburgh before the guy disappears. You get Waterfall after you beat the 8th Gym, from Jasmine.
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8 years ago#3
Wait whats the Platinum orb? Ships

So did I need that before I catch Giratina?

Is it different from the silver thing that detective dude whos name I think is Hansome gave me before going into the Torn World? If its not then what is that thing.

Can I still change Giratina back or is it hopeless?

No Fat Chicks
8 years ago#4
You can only get the Platinum Orb after you get the National Dex, I think. Then you have to go back to Turnback Cave, where you return to the Torn World to find the Platinum Orb. I think Handsome gives you a black flute, iirc.
PSN: Exaccus
8 years ago#5
Thanks TyrantKnight you've been kind enough to help me...

So, After getting the nationla dex, I can get the platinum orb by going back into the Torn World to find it?

But for now, what do I do? I don't know where to go...
No Fat Chicks
8 years ago#6
Did you go to Oreburgh to talk to Rowan?
8 years ago#7
Lol, I don't have national dex and haven't gotten my 8th badge which means I haven't beaten the elite four either
No Fat Chicks
8 years ago#8
No problem :). I think you need to talk to Rowan, then the guy should go away. If not, I dunno. :(
PSN: Exaccus
8 years ago#9
You don't need the national dex. All you have to do is finish the game. After the credits, you should be able to go to turn back cave and reenter torn world where you will find the orb you need. Give the orb to Giratina and bingo.
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8 years ago#10
thanks everyone
very helpful
No Fat Chicks
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