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How to make good poffins?

#1VarisselPosted 4/26/2009 3:22:45 PM
Could anyone give me a few tips on how to make some good poffins?
#2iou5bucksPosted 4/26/2009 3:24:21 PM
Don't burn
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#3IronDomokunPosted 4/26/2009 3:24:41 PM
Making Poffin is obsolete in Platinum. Just buy them in the department store basement. They're 6400 moneys and very good quality.
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#4HomeRowedPosted 4/26/2009 3:25:16 PM
Swirl it fairly fast and don't let it spill until the batter hardens, then swirl the **** out of it.
#5Varissel(Topic Creator)Posted 4/26/2009 3:27:23 PM
A smoke often happens to appear whenever I have to swirl it the other direction.