Good nickname for Salamence?

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7 years ago#41
7 years ago#42
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7 years ago#43
7 years ago#44
If female: Birdo

Otherwise: Boshi
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7 years ago#45
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7 years ago#46
Ec Nemalas.
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7 years ago#47
Kane. That's what I named my shiny Salamence.
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7 years ago#48
Smaug (dragon from the Hobbit)
Shenron (dragon summoned by the Earth's Dragon Balls)
Porunga (dragon summoned by Namek's Dragon Balls)
Lord C.B. (Full name is Cinderbottom, but it won't fit. One of the Peggle Masters in Peggle)
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7 years ago#49
Bananas are really going extinct. I can't believe it.
7 years ago#50
If it's a female, name it sally
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