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A Guide to Pokemon Jargon

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6 years ago#1
I. Table of Contents
~I. Table of Contents
~II. Introduction
~III. The Actual List of Jargon (compiled alphabetically)
~IV. Credits

II. Introduction

This topic is a compiled list of all of the jargon in pokémon. Many new users may wonder what all of these abbreviations mean. Well, I'm here to clear it up for you. The jargon of the pokémon game can be confusing, with the same abbreviation standing for different things depending on context. You will see many of the abbreviations listed here on the Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum boards. If you see anything in this topic that you don't understand, feel free to ask in this topic and we will be happy to help.

Now, onto the actual jargon.

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6 years ago#2
III. The Actual List of Jargon (compiled alphabetically)

i. Sub-Contents
-i. Sub-Contents
-ii. Board Related Jargon
-iii. Game-Play Related Jargon
-iv. Move-Set Related Jargon
-v. The Tiers

ii. Board Related Jargon

Some of the jargon comes from the boards. These are abbreviations and phrases that have little to no bearing on the actual environment of the Pokémon games.

AFAIK - Short for "As Far As I Know."

AR - Short for "Action Replay." A hacking device.

DC - Short for "Disconnect."

DLC - Short for "Downloadable Content."

Elitist - Someone who thinks their way of playing a game is the only/right way.

FT - Short for "For Trade." Used in trading topics to show what the topic creator has to offer.

HSOWA - This is a fad from the third generation of the Pokémon games. It stands for "Hot Skitty On Wailord Action." It is making fun of the egg groups, where Skitty and Wailord are both in the "Ground" egg group and can breed together.

IIRC - Short for "If I Recall/Remember Correctly."

IM(H)O - Short for "In My (Honest/Humble) Opinion."

LF - Short for "Looking For." Used in trading topics to show what the topic creator wants.

The Metagame - Pokémon and teams commonly used in competitive battling.

MetalKid - This can be used to refer to the user MetalKid or the the website is a reliable website for calculators.

MYODT - This is a phrase that I myself coined. It stands for "Make Your Own Damn Team." It is mostly posted in topics where people ask for team help, yet post an incomplete team. It is not our responsibility to help you complete your team.

n00b/oob - Someone who doesn't know the game.

newb/newbie - A new person.

nub - Often used interchangeably with n00b/noob, it is actually a naval term meaning "Non-Useful Body."

OP - This abbreviation can have to meanings, and both are very similar. It can stand for "Original Post", which refers to the first post in a topic by the topic creator. It can also stand for "Original Poster", where it is an easy way to refer to the creator of a topic, instead of typing out their full username. OP and TC are often used interchangeably.

PokeSav - A hacking program to upload and modify your save file using and Action Replay.

Psypokes - A lesser known website that gets little traffic. It is short for It is somewhat like, and is preferred by many users.

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6 years ago#3
Read the Stickies - Probably one of the most used phrases on the boards. It is posted in topics where the topic creator asks a question that is answered in the sticky topics, which are the first topics on any board.

RMT - Short for "Rate My Team." It is a type of topic where a user asks for help on their full team from other users.

Serebii - This is a widely used website by many users of the Pokémon Boards. It is short for, and has reliable information for the Pokémon games. It also covers upcoming Pokémon events.

Shoddy - Short for "ShoddyBattle." A pokémon battle simulator. It can be found at

Smogon - A widely known and used website. It is a competitive Wiki, showing the most used movesets of Pokémon. It also has a widely used tier system. It is found at

STP - Short for "Same Time Post."

TC - This stands for "Topic Creator." It is an easy way to refer to the creator of a topic, instead of typing out their full username.

TLF - Short for " The Libelldra Forge." It is a lesser known website found at Its damage calculator is widely praised for being the most accurate.

TRU - A pokémon event that came from Toys R' Us, with the OT "TRU."

UT - Short for "Untouched" or "Untrained." Commonly used to refer to pokémon that haven't gained experience and therefore haven't gained effort values. Can sometimes be used to refer to pokémon leveled up via the Daycare Center.

iii. Game-Play Related Jargon

Some of the jargon is game-play related. These are abbreviations and phrases that are used when talking about actually playing the Pokémon games.

Base Stat - Numbers that are assigned to a pokémon's stats that are plugged into the stat formulas to calculate stats.

BF - Short for "The Battle Frontier."

BP - Short for "Base Power." (Can also refer to "Baton Pass" or "Bullet Punch.")

BST - Short for "Base Stat Total." The sum of a base stats of a given pokémon.

BT - Short for "The Battle Tower."

Chain - 1) Using the Pokeradar to get consecutive encounters of the same pokémon, which increases the chances of finding a shiny. 2) Breeding moves where you need to breed at least 1 extra pokémon between the original male parent and the target child, either to bridge egg groups or include an extra move the original male parent can't learn.

Counter - A pokémon that can always switch in safely (in standard conditions) and pose an immediate threat to its target.

Deoxys-E/S - Speed Forme Deoxys

Deoxys-FR/A - Attack Forme Deoxys

Deoxys-LG/D - Defense Forme Deoxys

Deoxys-RS/N - Normal Forme Deoxys

EVs - This is used often when talking about training pokémon. It stands for "Effort Values." A good guide to EVs can be found here:

FC - Short for "Friend Code."

Giratina-O - Giratina Origin Forme

GTS - Short for "Global Trade Station."

Hax - Luck. Not to be confused with hacking.

HM slave - A pokémon you keep in your party whose primary (only?) purpose is knowing HM moves, or other field effect moves (Flash, Sweet Scent).

IVs - This is used often when talking about breeding or reseting for pokémon. It stands for "Individual Values." A good guide to IVs can be found here:

IV Battle - A battle over wi-fi where levels are set to 100 and people take level 1 pokemon into the battle. Since they are at level 100, IVs are 100% accurate.

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6 years ago#4
MPR - Short for "My Pokémon Ranch."

MS - Short for "Move-Set."

NFE - Short for "Not Fully Evolved."

NVE - Short for "Not Very Effect."

OHKO - Short for "One-Hit Knock Out."

Outclassed - A pokémon that is "outclassed" is trying to do a job that another pokémon does better.

RNG - Short for "Random Number Generator."

Rotom-A - Rotom Appliance Forme

Rotom-C - Rotom Cut Forme

Rotom-F - Rotom Frost Forme

Rotom-H - Rotom Heat Forme

Rotom-S - Rotom Spin Forme

Rotom-W - Rotom Wash Forme

SE - Short for "Super-Effective." (Can also refer to "Stone Edge.")

Shiny - An differently colored pokémon.

Skymin/Shaymin-S - Shaymin Sky Forme

SR - This is used often when talking about easy ways to get a pokémon. It stands for "Soft-Reset", a method used to restart the game quicker than actually turning it off then on. For DS games, the button combination for soft-reseting is pressing the L button, the R button, the "START" button, and the "SELECT" button at the same time. This resets the game to the title screen. (Can also refer to "Stealth Rock.")

STAB - Short for "Same Type Attack Bonus." This refers to pokémon using a move it shares a type with. The move will recieve a 50% bonus to its power.

Theorymon - The method used to test pokémon abilities, stats, and other such viable data between another to compare, or find a result to, a question or idea relating to the competitive platform of the Pokémon Games. It is usually done using damage calculations and different EV spreads. The standard conditions are almost always up in theorymon. Focuses on hypothetical situations.

iv. Move-Set Related Jargon

This next section refers to moves and items, as well as pokémon. It is the longeset section.

AA - Aerial Ace

BB - Brick Break

BoltBeam - The combination of an electric-type move and an ice-type move, most commonly Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.

BP - Baton Pass and Bullet Punch.

Bulky Water - A water-type with good defensive stats.

CB - Choice Band

CC - Close Combat or Cross Chop

Cleric - A pokémon with Aromatherapy or Heal Bell.

CM - Calm Mind

CS - Choice Specs or Choice Scarf

DD - Dragon Dance

DM - Draco Meteor

DT - Double Team

EdgeQuake - The combination of a rock-type move and a ground-type move, most commonly Stone Edge and Earthquake.

Entry Hazards - Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock

EQ - Earthquake

ES - ExtremeSpeed

FEAR - The actual abbreviation is a censor-bypass. The child-friendly version is "Focus sash-Endeavor-quick Attack-Rattata."

FP - Focus Punch

FS - Focus Sash

GK - Grass Knot

GB - Gyro Ball

HP - Hidden Power or Hit Points

Lefties - Leftovers

LO - Life Orb

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6 years ago#5
MM - Meteor Mash

NP - Nasty Plot

Phazer - A pokémon designed to make the foe switch out.

Pinch Berry - Stat-boosting berry that activates when the holder falls below 25% health. Often used in conjunction with Substitute, as subbing 3 times activates the berry. The most common ones are: Salac (boosts Speed), Petaya (boosts Special Attack), and Liechi (boosts Attack).

Priority - An attack that doesn't depend on the speed stat. A good guide to priority can be found here:

QA - Quick Attack

Residual Damage - Damage taken by a Pokémon without having been attacked

Restalk - Rest and Sleep Talk

Revenge Killer - A pokémon intended to switch in after a KO and KO the opposing pokémon.

Scarf - Choice Scarf

Scout - A pokémon that scouts out counters using U-Turn.

SD - Swords Dance or Sunny Day

SE - Stone Edge (Can also refer to "Super-Effective.")

Specs - Choice Specs

Spinner - A pokémon with Rapid Spin.

SR - Stealth Rock (Can also refer to "Soft-Reset.")

SS - Sandstorm or SandStream

ST - Seismic Toss or Sleep Talk

STalk - Sleep Talk

SToss - Seismic Toss

Sub - Substitute

SubPunch - Substitute and Focus/Sucker Punch

SubSeed - Substitute and Leech Seed

Suicide Lead - A leading pokémon carrying a focus sash that is intended to set up entry hazards.

Sweeper - A pokémon designed to deal damage quickly and take out pokémon.

Synergy - How well a team works together to accomplish its goal.

Tank - A pokémon with good defensive stats that can take attacks and hit back.

TR - Trick Room

TS/Spikes - Toxic Spikes

TW/-Wave - Thunderwave

Wall - A pokémon with good defensive stats intended to take attacks effectively.

WoW - Will-O-Wisp

WW - Whirlwind

Yache - Yache Berry

Some common move-sets for pokémon can also be shortened. Some examples are Agiligross, which is a Metagross with Agility, and Stallrein, which is a Walrein that stalls.

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6 years ago#6
v. The Tiers

There are a total of seven tiers in Pokémon. They are Uber, OU, BL, UU, NU, Limbo, and NFE.

Uber - Pokémon that are too powerful for standard play.

OU - Overused. Commonly refered to as "Standard."

BL - Pokémon that are too powerful for UU, but aren't used enough to be OU. The banlist of UU.

UU - Underused.

NU - Neverused

Limbo - Pokémon that are being tested to decide what tier to put it in.

NFE - Not Fully Evolved.

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6 years ago#7
IV. Credits

GameFAQs New Users, for giving me the inspiration to make this.

Hydoom, for the majority of the definition of "Theorymon."

MLBloomy, for the definitions of "Chain" and "HM Slave."

Onionium, for part of the definition of "Theorymon.", for having awesome guides.

Sethrothaurion, for providing the definition of "nub.", for their Pokémon Dictionary( and tiers, helping me remember some of the lesser-used terms.

And all you readers out there.

6 years ago#8
Hopefully it get sticked.
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6 years ago#9
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6 years ago#10
A toaster could run this game, what computer have you been using all these years O.o - xmjwannabex ( about Diablo II)
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